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Top 5… f/f relationship books

Good morning bookworms!

Top 5 Tuesday is on hiatus this month, but I wanted to do something special for Pride month. So, today’s list is my fave f/f relationship books. This list may include bisexual and pansexual characters, but will focus if they are in a f/f relationship.

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Her Royal Highness – Rachel Hawkins

Her Royal Highness

This book is a recent fave – I absolutely adored it. It takes place in the same universe as Prince Charming (originally published as Royals) by Hawkins, and I cannot scream about it enough.

Princess Flora is kind of a b*tch… but I loved her anyway because she’s a special little pessimistic sunflower. I also love the schemes that she tried to pull throughout the story, like she thought they might actually work!! Bless this naïve child.

Millie was also a sweet, nerdy, rock-and-nature-loving girl. I thought she was super cute with her awkwardness and not knowing who anyone was and accidentally insulting half the monarchy.

I also love that the Americans are taking over the entire Scottish royal family, and I hope Hawkins does a book on Flora’s disaster twin brother Seb.

The Dark Tide – Alicia Jasinska

The Dark Tide

I am so close to finishing this book (finally) and I am LOVING IT. Although I am low-key terrified about the ending. I can’t see any way that it’s going to have a happy conclusion and I need my babies to live happily ever after!!

The Dark Tide by Alicia Jasinska is a debut fantasy by an Aussie author. It’s got this beautifully whimsical magic and a beautiful romance with, quite frankly, a tragic premise.

Once every year the witch queen kisses someone, who is then taken back to the palace and will then be sacrificed to keep the tides away. But the queen has to fall in love with them. Queen Eva’s sister couldn’t drown the boy she loved last year, and sacrificed herself instead. But that didn’t stop the curse. So this year Eva is out to get revenge. On the island, Lina is convinced her brother is going to be chosen so she enlists the help of her crush Thomas, the only boy who came back, and instead Thomas is taken by the queen. Now Lina and her brother need to save Thomas, but what happens when Eva and Lina fall in love instead?

The Summer of Jordi Perez – Amy Spalding

The Summer of Jordi Perez

The Summer of Jordi Perez is one of my absolute faves, and not only because it deals with anxiety and has amazing body positivity messages. It’s also got an idiot, unlikely best friend and the sweetest romance ever.

Abby is a fashion-obsessed teen who wins an internship at a local fashion boutique. But the best part is that if she impresses the owner, it could turn into a part-time job. However, Abby’s competition is the gorgeous Jordi Perez who is a photographer, and is whisked to all the fashion events with the owner. But Abby’s got a plan to win the job… and accidentally wins the heart of the girl too.

The banter in this between Abby and the platonic best friend is hilarious, and the friendships are amazing. I really can’t stress enough that Abby is plus-sized and very self conscious about it, but the book deals with this in such a mature way, I really loved it.

Going Off Script – Jen Wilde

Going Off Script

I know I had a Jen Wilde book in here last week, but there’s more!! All of Wilde’s books to date are set in the same world, and the character crossovers are the most adorable thing ever. I love books where you can see the progression of a character you love in the background, or at least recognise side characters from other stories.

Going Off Script is the third book in this series, and features Bex who is trying her hardest to do good in the world by writing queer characters into tv shows to bring more diversity, and I LOVE her for this. I feel like Bex would be a huge Cheryl Blossom fan. Anyway, Bex is hired as an intern on her fave tv show (I feel like it would be similar to The Vampire Diaries? if it was more werewolf focused) and the boss steals her script and changes her lesbian character to straight, and CHAO ENSUES. And by chaos, I mean we have a bunch of teens fighting for rights in a messy and unorganised way, but bless them, they are trying!

Also, quick shout out to Queens of Geek, book 1 in this world which also features a f/f relationship.

Havenfall – Sara Holland


As much as I enjoyed Havenfall, it had a love triangle between a f/f couple and a f/m couple… and I can’t remember if it was resolved in the end, or if it’s going to be a thing for book 2… which means I’m going to have to skim read the end of Havenfall when book 2 is closer.

But, I really liked how the f/f relationship was portrayed, and that Maddie was so comfortable with being bisexual that it was never a thing in the book. Honestly, it’s such a treat to see happy queer kids running around not stressing about labels and what people will think and having to come out and the fear of rejection. It’s nice for it to just BE. Which is something I loved so much about this. It probably helps that Maddie’s uncle is gay his partner is from an another world… plus they have much bigger stuff going on in this book like the murder and finger pointing and portals being opened and what not…

↡ extras – yes, I remembered more! ↡

The Sky Weaver – Kristen Ciccarelli

The Sky Weaver

Yes! This is the third book in the Iskari series by Kristen Ciccarelli, but really it’s also an excuse for me to tell you to read this series!!

The Sky Weaver is the story of returning character, Safire, and new character, Eris. This is such a great enemies to lovers f/f relationship that is also forbidden!! And it’s set in a fantasy world!! With dragons!! I KNOW!! How can you resist it now??

Just like in The Last Namsara and The Caged Queen, a lot of this story revolves around ‘old myths’ and legends… that aren’t exactly myths or legends. Yes, there might be some basis in this tale as well – and honestly, that’s one thing that Ciccarelli does so well.

Also, I love how smug Eris is in this. It’s so good!!

The Princess and the Fangirl – Ashley Poston

The Princess and the Fangirl

Oh, yes. We get to include a Once Upon a Con series book, which makes me so so so happy!! This is book number 2 in the series. You don’t necessarily have to read Geekerella before this, but I do recommend it!!

The Princess and the Fangirl focuses on two couples: one m/f and one f/f. And it’s so good!! Jessica Stone, snooty actress from the Starfield series isn’t that interested in continuing to play Princess Amara in the series because the fans and the media have been SUPER MEAN to her. But by a chance meeting, she runs into her lookalike (Imogen) at the Con, and they switch places (FYI, this is a genderbent Prince and the Pauper retelling). However, the friend that Imogen was meant to hang out with is waaaaay cuter than what Jess was expecting. *cue heart-eyes*

Leah on the Offbeat – Becky Albertalli

Leah on the Offbeat by Becky Albertalli

Returning to Creekwood for this story, and if you don’t know where that is, then you need to go read Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda.

This time starring Simon’s friends, Leah and Abby. And a lot of “will they, won’t they?” This adorable queer contemporary is all about the girls this time. Leah’s figuring out how to stand on her own two feet as her best friend is all in love with Blue. So Leah joins a band and starts to build her own sense of self.

But then she might also have a crush on one of her friends. And how do you tell your best friend that you’re gay, when he already came out? Leah on the Offbeat tackles some really interesting topics, and is a great companion novel to Simon.

Also, I highly recommend The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli. While the main couple is m/f, there are two secondary f/f relationships. This is my fave book of hers.

Do you have any f/f recommendations for me?


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