About me

About Me:

Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya and you… wait a second… let’s try this again.

Hello, my name is Meeghan, and I’m addicted to books. This is my blog, where I talk about that addiction. I talk about books I’ve read, books I’ve bought, books I’ve loved, books I want to buy, books I recommend, and books I want to read. My husband says that 90% of my conversation used to be about books, so I’ve found myself a platform that I can talk to other like minded people, which means I can just talk to him about gaming, food, work and our fur babies.

In no particular order, I would call myself a nerd, bookworm, baker, cat slave, plant neglecter (my succulents are thriving), collector, gamer (video games, board games and RPG games such as Dungeons & Dragons), music lover, traveler, organiser, and wife. I live in Canberra, Australia with Husband and our three rescue kitties.

This is my blog about things that make me happy: which is primarily books and cake. Because, seriously, how can anyone NOT love books and cake? With a cup of tea.

The Cheshire Cat at a tea party

While I’ll post the occasional recipe or travel post, you’ll find that a good 98% of my content is reading related. However, I don’t really discriminate in terms of what I read. If you’d like to see my review policy, rating guide or preferred genres, please click here.

You can follow me here on my blog and at the following sites:
Instagram (bookstagram): @meeghanreads
Goodreads: Meeghan
Twitter: @meeghanreads
Instagram (baking): @meeghanbakes (currently on hiatus)
Instagram (personal): @meeghanw
Plus my kitties have their own #catstagram account: @catkittenfluffy

Blog graphics:

So, I bet you’re wondering how come my blog looks so amazing? It’s because one very seriously amazing and talented Kat (of Novels and Waffles fame) designed the whole thing for me. All of the images, including the background, logo, profile picture, post headers and dividers were all made by her. YOU TOO can achieve this level of awesomeness, all you have to do is contact her, through her website: Waffley Cute Designs

My favourites:

TV shows:

Veronica Mars | House | Avatar: The Last Airbender
Elementary | Sherlock | Riverdale | Dynasty | Lucifer | Constantine
The Dragon Prince | Jessica Jones | Rick and Morty | Pretty Little Liars
Awkward. | Downton Abbey | Forever | Billy and Billie | Hart of Dixie
Glee | Selfie | Gossip Girl | Breaking Bad | Dollhouse


Also all of the Deadpool and X-Men movies
Wonder Woman (yes, I know it’s DC)
and Aquaman (seriously, the cheese is amazing in this one)
Definitely, Maybe | The Kissing Booth | PS I Love You
The Blind Side | Coach Carter | Take the Lead | Dirty Dancing
I also really love cheesy action movies like The Fast and the Furious franchise and The Expendables


Oooof… so many!!
Maggie Stiefvater | Holly Black | Terry Pratchett | Jessica Townsend | Isobelle Carmody
the writing wonder duo of Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff
C. G. Drews | Mary H. K. Choi | Cassandra Clare | Tom Holt | Kate Forsyth
Daniel O’Malley | Maria V. Snyder | Garth Nix | Jen Wilde
Janet Evanovich | Tilly Bagshawe | Louise Bagshawe | Sarah J Maas
Sara Douglass | David Eddings | Raymond E. Feist | Leigh Bardugo

Musicians / Bands:


p style=”text-align: center;”>The Wombats | Kisschasy | Grinspoon | Gyroscope | Karnivool | The Fratellis
Hilltop Hoods | Bluejuice | Seth Sentry | Something With Numbers
Eminem | Taylor Swift | Ed Sheeran
Jimmy Eat World | Fall Out Boy | My Chemical Romance | Mayday Parade
Boys Like Girls | All Time Low | Paramore | Panic! At the Disco | Green Day
The All-American Rejects
The Beatles | Fleetwood Mac | QUEEN