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You know when you take on too much…

Good morning bookworms!
You know that feeling you get when you’re SO EXCITED for everything, and so you sign up to it all, and then about a third of the way through whatever time period you start to realise that you’ve overloaded yourself and then panic and anxiety start to set in, and then you start to spiral and you end up in a weird mental trance state where nothing makes you feel anything, but everything is too hard and you just cry a lot and cut yourself off from everyone and everything?
Yeah, I don’t know what that feels like at all… ?

So, anyway, confession time. I took on too much this month. Here’s the list of things I was planning to achieve:

Suffice to say, that’s a lot of things to fit in not a lot of time.
Also, I am so cranky at myself because I was planning to finish A Study in Charlotte on Tuesday night, but I fell asleep and then forgot to change my WWW Wednesday post. So, basically I lied to you all. (I am aware this is very insignificant in the grand scheme of things, and it wasn’t intentional, but it’s one of those stupid things I will beat myself up about for the next month, even though I have now gone back and changed my post…)

So, this is what I am paring it back to:

  • Bookending Autumn hosting (but I may not post EVERY SINGLE DAY – crazy, I know)
  • starting a new DnD game (and try not to freak out – but I’ve been chatting to the DM and I’m now making a very basic character, so hopefully I’ll be ok)
  • playing my second round of The Bookish Games (and MAYBE reading ADSOM because it’s based on that)
  • finish ONE buddy read
  • other challenges I’ve been doing over the year (as well as I’ve been doing them every other month… so, not very well!)
  • lots of work stuff (can’t change any of this, but I might take some leave in November)
  • lots of personal social stuff (might change the housewarming)
  • and, renovating the apartment (at a very slow pace).

I’m hoping that by easing the pressure of reading a MILLION books this month that I can spend time on some of the other things. Also, by not posting twice per day, every day, I won’t hit a blog slump at the end of the month!!

Anyway, that was all I really wanted to say. I am sending you guys the happiest of months, and remember that SELF CARE is very important (it’s mental health awareness week in Australia at the moment), so give yourselves a hug and remind yourself that we’re all doing the best we can.


  • _tirilu

    I think letting the tbr off the leash is a good idea. The thing is, pile up as much as you like but don’t pressure yourself into reading all of them. I made a tbr this month and have yet to read any of those that are on there. ? But reading should be enjoyable and not a big ol`have to. I still have an inkling that you will read tons of books more than me. ?
    Have fun with all your personal stuff and I wish you all the strengh and patience for your work stuff. And hey, I actually find renovating rather relaxing. 😀

    • Meeghan reads

      Naww, thank you!! I usually do let the TBR pile up and then totally read other things, but I think I would beat myself up about not achieving my NEWTs!!! This has become an annual readathon for me and I just can’t say no to it!! (even if I didn’t do it back in August with everyone else!!)

  • Mere

    I keep wanting to participate in challenges, but then I worry I’ll get overwhelmed! But it looks like you might have a good handle on stuff now! And I hope it goes better!

  • Sam || Fictionally Sam

    If this post doesn’t resonate with me, nothing else does. Oof Meeghan I’m so sorry you are feeling this way! Overloaded plates are never awesome (though they appear awesome) and I so commend you on noticing what wasn’t working, addressing it, and taking the steps to fix it. Quality self-care right there! 10/10.
    Hoping your anxiety and stress start to decrease, and I am so grateful that you are continuing being a host for Bookending Autumn. You are a gem that the world doesn’t deserve <3 Love you!

    • Meeghan reads

      Ummm, so, thanks for making me cry with your comment!! ?? *mops up face*
      Also, I am now hiding with my shiny self-care trophy ?, and THANK YOU (and Clo) for having me on Bookending Autumn!! I am having so much fun with it!! ?

  • Jordyn

    Totalllllly know the feeling… I hope your new goals are leaving you feeling more motivated and that with everything you DO finish you feel accomplished!! It’s hard sometimes to look back at what you DID get done rather than what’s left, but you absolutely should do that, you’re crushing it!

  • Veronika @ Wordy and Whimsical

    I’m happy you decided to take it easier, Meeghan! I really respect you for participating in SO MANY THINGS, god knows I hate readathons and the likes most of the time, but I think it’s a great thing you’re choosing only a few things to concentrate on. 🙂

  • Rukky @ Eternity Books

    I’m so glad you cut back and that you’re taking care of yourself ? No need to over-stress, and it’s not bad to take it easy. And no need to beat yourself up about the WWW Wednesday post! It was an honest mistake, it is really trivial, and it’s not like anyone’s going to unfriend/follow or be disappointed in you for that. Don’t worry about it, okay? I wish you luck and that you feel better and less stressed soon ❤?❤

  • Kristina

    Oh noo – it’s okay, you can backtrack, remove what you gotta to have a peace of mind; you can always postpone some things for November!
    I absolutely relate,,, though most of the extra on my plate has been thrown in from work; people quit, aren’t doing their job properly, I place too much pressure for things to be perfect… so yeah – my inability to say no lead me to working 6days a week for a whole month ? (all but one being 8hour shifts; placed all over the place – some mornings and some closings..). I keep being snappy and panicky now ??‍♀️ Specially on my closes, time for us to take a break! Xx

  • *Flora*

    I can relate to taking on too much and being stressed, Meeghan. I need to keep reminding myself that reading is my hobby and it’s supposed to be the thing that takes me away from the stresses and anxieties in my life not add to it. 😉 There’s some wonderful advice and support here, I hope you find your balance.

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