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Mini slump…

Hi friends and book worms (although I guess you’re all one and the same at the moment)
I’m having a mini slump. I won’t say a ‘reading slump’ because I haven’t been posting on instagram or blogging much either. I’ve even taken a few days off Discord *gasp*.
I’ve had some change recently and I thought everything would magically fall into place, but apparently that’s not a real thing. I also think I might have been pushing myself a bit too hard. I started the year with a bang, but I was also taking annual of leave from my job, and although I would have liked to keep up the momentum, I don’t really think I was being realistic with myself. Some days I can churn out 2-3 blog posts, but more recently, there are days where I’ve been sitting in front of the computer staring at a screen thinking “I should have written that book review when I finished the book”. And the beating myself up about these things isn’t really helping.
So, it’s been a few days without a scheduled post from me. The world hasn’t collapsed, and while my blog has gotten less views (obvs, there’s no new content for you!!) it hasn’t fallen to ruins either. You might notice I’ve been slowly uploading new banners to old posts as well. I’m not good with leaving old things – if I do something new, then I will try and go back and fix the old things too. But apparently I’ve reviewed a lot of books, so it’s taking longer than I would like!! (Also, the arduous process is getting boring… ?)
Tiana from the Frog Princess falling onto her bed, exhausted
So, I’m hanging out in a little creative black hole. No photos, no blog posts, not writing. I’m not even really reading (I thought it might be DEV1AT3, but it appears to be everything I pick up)… I’ve started five new books in four different genres (fantasy, dystopian, contemporary and humour) and none of them are doing anything for me. And these are books that I’ve been dying to read.
So here’s what is going to happen. I’m going to pick up some old faves. Carry On by Rainbow Rowell, Back After the Break by Anita Notaro, I might even reread Emergency Contact by Mary H. K. Choi or The Boy Who Steals Houses by C. G. Drews (I know it’s not out yet, but it’s incredible).
I’m also just going to pile a bunch of books on my kitchen table and take some photos until I like something. I’m going to write up some of my fun posts (tags, wrap ups, hauls, top 5 tuesdays) and see if I can make something stick there too. Hell, I might even sit here and just type words until I get a few hundred in.
To be honest, I’m kind of hoping this post will kickstart my brain again into how blogging works. If it does work, you’ll see more content from me soon!! If it doesn’t, well, I’ll be lurking on all the platforms checking everyone else’s stuff out and cheering you on from the sidelines. But I will be back!!
Sending love and good books to you all! And until next time, happy reading ??


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