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August '19 wrap up and Sequel September

Good morning bookworms! It’s time for the August wrap-up!

So, I read 7 books in August, which was not too bad. I did get through five ARCs, so ARC August wasn’t a complete loss!! BUT, the biggest challenge of the month came when I realised that Darkdawn was being released early in Australia, so I did drop everything to reread the first two books…





Rating (/5)


Bloodlines Richelle Mead Bloodlines #1 Paperback


The Bride Test (ARC) Helen Hoang The Kiss Quotient #2 Paperback


The Bride Test
She’s Got Game (ARC) Laura Heffernan Gamer Girls #1 eBook


She's Got Game
The Gamer’s Guide to Getting the Girl (ARC) Kristine Scarrow eBook


The Gamer's Guide to Getting the Girl
Mooncakes (ARC) Suzanne Walker, Wendy Xu eGraphic Novel


Crown of Coral and Pearl (ARC) Mara Rutherford Crown of Coral and Pearl #1 Paperback


Crown of Coral and Pearl
Nevernight (reread) Jay Kristoff The Nevernight Chronicle #1 Paperback



Top read for the month goes to The Bride Test by Helen Hoang. This book made me cry SO MUCH.

So… you know how I said I wouldn’t do TBRs any more? Welllllll…. I am kind of going to do some challenges for the rest of the year, so it looks like TBRs are back in?! (OMG HALP ME). The September challenges are Sequel September (hosted by Kathy @ Books and Munches) and the Of Wonderland book club prompt is ‘Duologies and Trilogies’, which kind of works in well anyway!
Also, BUDDY READS! I’m doing THREE buddy reads this month. Because I am crazy. Also, I still need to finish GG so I can read DD!!

Key: ? physical book | ? ebook | ? audiobook | ? webcomic | ? ARC
?‍♀️ buddy read | ✳️ reread | ? Sequel September | ? Of Wonderland

  • Godsgrave – Jay Kristoff ? ✳️ ? ?
  • Darkdawn – Jay Kristoff ? ? ?
  • Shadow Frost – Coco Ma ? ?‍♀️
  • Vicious – V. E. Schwab ? ?‍♀️ ?
  • Red Glove – Holly Black ? ?‍♀️ ? ?
  • Against the Rules – Laura Heffernan ? ? ? ?
  • Midnight Beauties – Megan Shepherd ? ? ?
  • Heartstopper Vol 2 – Alice Oseman ? ? ?
  • Siege and Storm – Leigh Bardugo ? ? ?
  • Going Off Script – Jen Wilde ?


I FINALLY wrote my Overwatch characters recommendations post (#1). Just in case you aren’t aware, I am low-key obsessed with this game, and I’m not even very good at it. But the characters and their backstories are amazing, and even if you don’t care about the game, please go watch the short I linked in my story because it’s amazing and you might cry. (I’m not selling this right, but the short is AMAZING.)
There were some pretty good Top 5’s this month too. Dystopian seemed to get a lot of discussions, but my fave one was the non-cats, because I get to talk about animal companions ?
We also did top 5 books I don’t talk about enough. My post was fine… but Joe @ Storeys of Stories’ post was AH-MAZING!! Five seriously amazing (and very underhyped book here!

There were some pretty amazing posts out there this month!! These are some of my faves that I saw:

  • Isabelle @ Bookwyrm Bites talked about diversity and good representation in books, and I just… wish I was this eloquent?!
  • Malanie @ Malanie Loves Fiction made a list of her favourite books that made her cry and I. Am. Here. For. This!! Sad books are the greatest, and I think I need to write my own list so then I can share in the blubbering. ?
  • Siobhan @ Siobhan’s Novelties talked about content warnings, and why publishers should advocate for them!
  • CW @ The Quiet Pond made the most amazing list of recommendations based on Ghibli films!! And it’s amazing!! *squeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!*
  • Kal @ Reader Voracious posted the second post in her “moving from wordpress to self-hosted” series, and it’s so ridiculously helpful. Kal highlights the good, the bad and the uber helpful, and tbh, this series is making me think about moving myself!!
  • Nyx @ Drizzle and Hurricane books basically took a little piece of my soul and put it on her blog. What’s that, you ask? Why I’m not really on board with audiobooks. (Although I totally respect everyone else’s views, I just know they aren’t really for me!)
  • Isabelle @ Bookwyrm Bites wrote a post about whether comp titles are useful, or unnecessary! And I just found this really fascinating, because I’ve never really thought about it before…
  • I don’t actually follow this blog, but found a link on Twitter… Lit Hub made a quiz where they list classic books by their Library of Congress subject categories and it is AMAZING!! I got about 30 right, and a lot of the others I hadn’t heard of, but the ones I had heard of and hadn’t read… well, I was very surprised by some of their categories! There’s about 70 books in total in the quiz!

Ooof. August was a rough month for me. I traveled for work (again) and ended up with tonsilitis, a chest infection, and a cold – seriously, not having an immune system can be the worst! I can’t wait for winter to be over (although it has been pretty mild, and I should stop complaining because the spring buds are already out).
My mum also had knee surgery so I’ve been spending a bit of time at the hospital visiting her – she’s essentially a captive audience right now because she can’t get away from me ? But this also means that I will be helping out to look after my nephew next month because mum was doing this on Thursdays while my brother and his wife work (and I am very lucky that my work is flexible so I can just take my laptop and work from wherever I need to be).
Apart from all this, we are just picking paint colours, and I finally repotted all my succulents, so the house stuff is moving along!!

What did you do in August?


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