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Top 5 books I meant to read in 2023

Hello friends!! Welcome to Top 5 Tuesday!! This week’s topic is top 5 books I meant to read in 2023!!

This is one of my favourite posts every year. Yes, even though it’s the first of the end of year posts where I kind of drag myself for not doing anything that I said I would for the year. It’s a time. And this year I did myself a proper disservice because I wrote FOUR POSTS* of books that I would read in 2023. Why? I have no idea. Am I kicking myself? Kind of… Have I read ANY of them books in these posts? Actually, yes. But of the twenty books listed in the posts, I have read two. And both of them were in the ‘definitely’ post.

However, today’s post will be the chance to bring even greater shame upon myself. Because today we are looking at 5 ARC’s that I was definitely meant to read in 2023. And that I haven’t read. (What have I been reading instead? Probably the entire Chicagoland Vampires series…)

* Yes, FOUR posts. The usual “books I will definitely* read in 2023“, then a “series I’ll start in 2023“, “series I’ll finish in 2023“, and then finally “standalone books I will read in 2023“.

If you missed the October-December 2023 topics, they are out now!! Top 5 Tuesday was created by Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm, and is now being hosted (albeit very terribly) here @ Meeghan reads.

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top 5 books (arcs) I meant to read in 2023

Stuck Up and Stupid — Angourie Rice and Kate Rice

Stuck Up and Stupid by Angourie Rice and Kate Rice

Inspired by Pride and Prejudice this modern tale captures the spirit and energy of Austen’s original satire of manners, while updating and developing it for contemporary audiences, coming of age in the 2020s.

The quiet coastal community of Pippi Beach is rocked when a party of young Hollywood movie stars and influencers arrives for the summer. Like most of the locals, mum Lydia is thrilled but her teenage daughter Lily finds the Hollywood types are superficial and arrogant especially Dorian Khan, the most famous of them all. Lily’s opinion is confirmed by handsome backpacker Alex, who has quite the story about Dorian’s past.

On a holiday to Los Angeles, Lily stays with family friend Wilson, an ambitious player who introduces her to powerful movie producer Stacy Black. Lily is in turns amused and appalled by the excesses of the movie business, and more than a little surprised when Dorian Khan seeks her out. Could they actually become friends? And what’s more, has she been what she hopes never to be… stupid?

Emmett — L. C. Rosen

(Yes, this is another Jane Austen retelling. What can I say? Publishers know my type…)

Emmett Woodhouse, handsome, clever and rich, with a comfortable home and happy disposition seemed to unite some of the best blessings of existence and had lived nearly eighteen years in the world with very little to distress or vex him.

Emmett knows he’s blessed. And because of that, he tries to give back: from charity work to letting the often irritating Georgia sit at his table at lunch, he knows it’s important to be nice. And recently, he’s found a new way of giving matchmaking. He set up his best friend Taylor with her new boyfriend and it’s gone perfectly. So when his occasional friend-with-benefits Harrison starts saying he wants a boyfriend (something Emmett definitely does NOT want to be), he decides to try and find Harrison the perfect man at Highbury Academy, the candy-colored private school they attend just outside Los Angeles.

Emmett’s childhood friend, Miles, thinks finding a boyfriend for a guy you sleep with is a bad idea. But Miles is straight, and Emmett says this is gay life your friends, your lovers, your boyfriends they all come from the same very small pool. That’s why Emmett doesn’t date to keep things clean. He knows the human brain isn’t done developing until twenty-five, so any relationship he enters into before then would inevitably end in a breakup, in loss. And he’s seen what loss can do. His mother died four years ago and his dad hasn’t been the same since.

But the lines Emmett tries to draw are more porous than he thinks, and as he tries to find Harrison the perfect match, he learns that gifted as he may be, maybe he has no idea what he’s doing when it comes to love.

Emmett by L. C. Rosen

Emergency Exit Only — Michelle Upton

Emergency Exit Only by Michelle Upton

No evacuation plan, no safety net.
Amelia’s quitting the daily grind to find her fantasy job.
But a shocking secret from the past shows her that where there’s smoke, there’s fire … And sometimes you just have to save yourself.

Amelia Harris has played it safe all her life but when a minor accident lands her in hospital, she dramatically quits the tedious office job she’s had for a decade.

At a loss at what she wants to do next and fast running out of cash Amelia tries her hand at the dream jobs she’s always fantasised about. Soon she’s shadowing a thrilling cast of characters and professions as a journalist, a florist, a wedding planner, a zookeeper, and more. Life couldn’t be more exciting, especially when she meets the man of her dreams.

But when her mother, Toni, drops a truth bomb about their family, Amelia’s whole world tilts on its axis. Meanwhile, each new job starts taking on a life of its own. Has she created a monster?

As she’s about to find out, where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and sometimes you just have to save yourself.

They Hate Each Other — Amanda Woody

Jonah and Dylan get along like oil and water. Until a fake dating ploy gives them new perspective, and they realize that “falling for your enemy” isn’t as impossible as it seems.

There are plenty of words Jonah Collins could use to describe Dylan Ramírez. “Arrogant,” “spoiled,” and “golden boy” to name a few. Likewise, Dylan thinks he has Jonah accurately labeled as an attention-seeking asshat who never shuts his filthy mouth.

Their friends are convinced Jonah’s and Dylan’s disdain for one another is just thinly veiled lust a rumor that surges like wildfire when the two wake up in one bed after homecoming. Mutually horrified, Dylan and Jonah agree to use the faux pas to their advantage by fake dating. If they can stay convincing long enough to end their “relationship” in a massive staged fight, they can prove their incompatibility to their friends once and for all.

But the more time they spend together, the more their plan begins to fall apart and the closer they come to seeing each other clearly for the first time.

They Hate Each Other by Amanda Woody

The Wake-Up Call — Beth O’Leary

The Wake-Up Call by Beth O'Leary

Two sworn enemies. A failing hotel. One chance to save the season…

It’s the busiest season of the year, and Forest Manor Hotel is quite literally falling apart. So when Izzy and Lucas are given the same shift on the hotel’s front desk, they have no choice but to put their differences aside and see it through.

The hotel won’t stay afloat beyond Christmas without some sort of miracle. But when Izzy returns a guest’s lost wedding ring, the reward convinces management that this might be the way to fix everything. With four rings still sitting in lost property, the race is on for Izzy and Lucas to save their beloved hotel – and their jobs.

As their bitter rivalry turns into something much more complicated, Izzy and Lucas begin to wonder if there’s more at stake here than the hotel’s future. Can the two of them make it through the season with their hearts intact?As Frances uncovers a trail of corruption that leads to the highest levels of government, she must use her wits and resourcefulness to stay one step ahead of those who want to keep the truth hidden. But will her personal vendetta lead her straight into danger?

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What are the top 5 books you meant to read in 2023?

until next time, happy reading! Meeghan xo


  • Kristina

    OhNO that’s a lot of books 🙈 two isn’t much but hey, its something .. still good!

    How have I never seen any of those anywhere but the wakeup call?!

  • Janette

    Maybe you’ll get to all the other books in 2024. The trouble is that there will be a whole new set of shiny new books and ARCs to read. Life is so hard for a book lover!!!!!!! The only one of these that I have read is The Wake up Call. It was good but I didn’t enjoy it as much as her other books.

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