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Sunshine Blogger Award #7

Good morning bookworms!

I was tagged by Ruqs @ Many Things Bookish to for the Sunshine Blogger Award in April. OMG Ruqs, I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you!! ?
Let’s get down to it!

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blogging site.
  2. Answer the questions.
  3. Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 new questions.
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Questions from Ruqs
Have you read any outstanding books this year and if yes, which ones?

Umm, yes!! Not counting rereads, my fave books this year so far have been:

Which upcoming releases are you most excited for and why?

I think I covered this in yesterday’s post (Anticipated releases book tag) but one book I didn’t mention was The Seven Sisters by Neil Gaiman. It was originally slated to be out next month, but I’m 99% sure that isn’t happening. However, I need the sequel to Neverwhere like I need oxygen.

What’s your favourite genre and why?

I know I’ve been reading more contemporary this year, but Fantasy is where my heart really lies.

If you could read only one trope, which would it be?

Enemies to lovers – without a doubt!

In a great fantasy, which do you value more: atmosphere or magic system?

Ooof… this is hard, because in a Maggie Stiefvater book you don’t have to choose (which is why she’s my favourite author). Look, I can probably forgive flaws in a magic system if the atmosphere is good enough… *probably*…

Are there any characters you can relate to personally?

Elements of characters, definitely.

  • Jude from The Cruel Prince: I know her want for not taking the fae’s shit and getting back at them in sneaky passive aggressive ways (like salting their food). I understand holding a grudge.
  • Lucy from The Hating Game: I know her job (it’s what I do, but not in a publishing house) and her thoughts about working in an open plan office. Also her ability to hold a grudge, and simultaneously hate something and be thrilled by it.
  • Penny from Emergency Contact: I know her anxiety. I get packing a bag filled with ‘stuff’ just in case. I get the introvertedness that consumes her.
  • Aled from Radio Silence: I get wanting to have a separate life from my real life, and my online life. I understand his want to escape.
  • Frances from Radio Silence: I know the difference between having great grades and being able to do anything, and then f*cking up that one thing you thought you always wanted, and being adrift. I know working yourself to the bone. I get the never-ending pressure and the thought that maybe it was all for nothing. Also, being a totally different person when you are with other people.
What annoys you most about books?
  1. the cost of shipping when I want to send them to friends (especially signed book because I usually post them with tracking)
  2. that I’ll never get some of my favourite books signed because authors don’t come to Australia (and certainly not to Canberra)
  3. that I don’t have enough time to read everything I want to read
Is there anything (even if it’s just a small detail) you would like to change about your favorite book?

Nope. The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater is perfect in its entirety.

Based on what aspects, do you chose what book you’ll read next?

I am a mood reader, so just whatever I feel like? I mean, I sometimes to TBRs but that often means very little when I actually go to pick up a book.

What’s your go-to comfort reread?
  • The Scorpio Races – Maggie Stiefvater
  • Back After the Break – Anita Notaro
  • Carry On – Rainbow Rowell
Do you think you’ll be still reading the same genre / books / tropes / authors ten years from now?

Yes. I’ve been reading them for about 2 decades now, and I don’t see any reason to stop.


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