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Sunshine Blogger Award #8

Good morning bookworms!

Back in … April (oh gawd, I am officially six months behind on these…) the most lovely Ruqs @ Many Bookish Things tagged me in the Sunshine Blogger Award!!
Friends, I just have to say (and please don’t think I’m complaining), as much as I love doing these (because the questions are always different), I am drowning a little in tags at the moment!! I’m trying to only post one per week, but if this is number 8, then I have about 8 more to do – and that’s just of the Sunshine blogger one. And I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, because I love you all so much and I want to do every post you tag me in, but… I’d have to do tags for the next month to catch up. Also, I’m having trouble coming up with 11 new people each time, so please let me know if you’d like to be tagged!!

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blogging site.
  2. Answer the questions.
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Questions from Ruqs
Have you read any outstanding books this year and if yes, which ones?

Yes! So many! I’m going to have a hard time picking a top 10 this year… I might have to do a top 10 contemporary and a top 10 fantasy… ?
Some that I have screamed less about this year are the Nevermoor books by Jessica Townsend (Nevermoor and Wundersmith). They are technically middle grade fantasy, but they are going to be the next Harry Potter series, and you should definitely read them – they are amazing (and I personally think they’re better than Harry Potter… notwithstanding the nostalgia)!

Which upcoming releases are you most excited for and why?
  • Ninth House – Leigh Bardugo (I’m looking forward to something a bit dark and creepy)
  • The Queen of Nothing – Holly Black (because JAAAAARDAAAAAAN!!)
  • Hollowpox: The Hunt for Morrigan Crow – Jessica Townsend (I need more Morrigan in my life)
What’s your favourite genre and why?

I’m going with fantasy on this one. I love contemporary and romance is growing on me (like barnacles), but fantasy is what I would pick if I were stranded on a desert island and had a magical bookcase that replenished itself with one genre.

If you could read only one trope, which would it be?

Enemies to lovers. The magical bookshelf needs to have this too.

In a great fantasy, which do you value more: atmosphere or magic system?

Ooooh. Tough question! To be honest, I would probably be more willing to excuse a magic system with holes in it, if the atmosphere was amazing. (Because magic doesn’t always need to make sense, but atmosphere is everything to me.)

Are there any characters you can relate to personally?

Penny from Emergency Contact by Mary H. K. Choi. I think it’s why I love that book so much.

What annoys you most about books?

That there is a finite stopping point and I can’t just read about the characters that I love forever. It was probably my biggest complaint about Wayward Son by Rainbow Rowell. I NEED MORE. (Seriously, I am like an addict for Baz and Simon’s story.)

Is there anything (even if it’s just a small detail) you would like to change about your favorite book?

Nope. My favourite book is perfect. I wouldn’t even change what Maggie drew in the cover for me.

What aspects based on do you choose what book you’ll read next?

Uhhh, where ever my mood takes me. Sometimes I just stand in front of my bookshelves and stare until I find something that piques my interest.

What’s your go-to comfort reread?

I have three in high rotation:

  • The Scorpio Races – Maggie Stiefvater
  • Back After the Break – Anita Notaro
  • Carry On – Rainbow Rowell
Do you think you’ll be still reading the same genre / books / tropes / authors ten years from now?

It’s very likely.


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