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BE Winter ’19: All I Want For Christmas…

Good afternoon bookworms!

This is my third and final post for Book Ending Winter this year! Also, I know it’s past Christmas, so this is kind of a “I did get this, I wish I had gotten this, and maybe if I’m good I’ll get it next year…” post instead!!

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This post is part of Bookending Winter 2019, which is organized by Sam & Clo! Today’s post, the “All I Want for Christmas…” is hosted by DB @ DB’s Guide to the Galaxy! If you want to do this prompt, please don’t forget to link back to DB’s post!

Prompt Explanation: What book-related gifts would you want to find under the Christmas tree? Fictional characters may apply.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (illustrated edition) – J. K. Rowling

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (illustrated edition)This is one that I did actually find under the Christmas tree! But, I did know it was coming because the Husband asked if I could buy it… I think sometimes I talk about limited editions from different places too often because he was a bit worried that he would get the wrong version. Not that I really corrected him on this one! Some of the stores near us are selling copies for $75 (AUD) so it was good to purchase one for $40 (AUD) and know that I was getting the same thing!

I know I talk a lot about how bad HP is, but sometimes I just like to rant. The truth is that I love this series, even with all its flaws. And that’s part of what makes it great.

Always Fully Booked 2020 planner

Always Fully Booked 2020 Planner

The other bookish thing under the tree for me this year was this planner (also gifted by the Husband, and purchased by me)! Yes, I will freely admit that I am one of the ones who stakes out Megan’s instagram account and website from mid-October onwards waiting for my first opportunity to pre-order next year’s planner. The 2019 planner was my first one, and I loved it – although my vigilance in filling it out did wane as the year was ending. I still want to go back to the last couple of months and fill it out properly.

The 2020 version has a couple of improvements – a proper hardcover for starters, and extra pages for other challenges, dot grid pages, and some other things. If you guys are interested, I might post some photos of my progress throughout the year? (This in no way replaces my spreadsheets – it’s just a different, more creative way to track things!)

My Goodreads TBR

Surprisingly, my Goodreads TBR is only 41 books long… I know, how is this even possible, considering my owned, unread books pile is about 250 books long.

Well, that’s because I mostly just use my Goodreads TBR as a reminder of which books coming out I want to buy and read. Of the 41 book on it, there are 26 that I’m waiting to get my hands on still… so can I add those books to this list?! And if I don’t get them over the course of 2020, then I might just be really sad. (Noting of course that some of them don’t even have proper titles, just “Six of Crows Untitled book 3″…)

The De Lainey family and the Lou boys

The Boy Who Steals Houses

I seriously just want to adopt every single one of these poor cherubs. Mr De Lainey included. I could (seriously) wax lyrical about how each of them deserves 17,000 hugs and how I would just bake cookies and cook wholesome meals and do laundry for them, so that they could get a little bit more of a childhood and not have to worry about everything. I’d also stay at work to help support this huge family. Cait’s short story that follows this, The Girl Who Steals Christmas, had me in absolute buckets of tears, and I just want to give the De Lainey’s back everything they have lost.

And Sam and Avery just need some quiet spaces, lots of snacks, and to just feel loved for who they are… I might be crying as I type this… I really just want to make everyone’s pain go away a little bit. These disaster kids (and grown ups) are so precious.


This one is just for me!! ??

Did you find everything you wanted under the Christmas tree?


  • Isabelle @ Nine Tale Vixen

    ooooh the planner looks lovely, I always love planner photos and updates so I vote for those!

    I’m definitely envious of your 41-book TBR, mine is more than four times that ? though I did include some books that I can get through my library because I want notifications if they become available through GR giveaways. (it is totally unfair that they’ve become almost entirely limited to USA, though.)

    I actually got The Boy Who Steals Houses for Christmas! miraculously, I actually read it that month – and promptly fell in love with the characters. those kiddos all deserve so many good things, certainly more than they have gotten … and now I’m close to crying again, dammit ?

    I also got Cait’s other book from another secret santa (aka Clo) and I’m looking forward to reading it too! the rest of my Christmas presents were largely practical (a new alarm clock, reusable utensils, etc) but they were all things I asked for so I’m happy with them, lol.

    • Meeghan reads

      YAAAAAYYYY!! I’m so glad you loved The Boy Who Steals Houses!! It was one of my absolute faves of 2019, which you’ll be able to see when I FINALLY finish my 2019 wrap-up post… ?

      I really loved ATPN too, but TBWSH stoke my heart. Make sure you read the prequel story because I cried so much during it!! It’s so good, but also heart wrenching. ??❤️

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