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Top 5… spring reading recommendations

Good morning bookworms!
Today’s Top 5 Tuesday is ‘fall reading recommendations’, except, I live in the opposite hemisphere of the world so I’m doing SPRING! Also, you’re about to get a MONTH of me giving you fall book recommendations in BOOKENDING AUTUMN (did I tell you guys I’m doing BE Autumn – because, if you haven’t heard yet, I’m a host for BE Autumn). You can JOIN US!! (It’s not a cult, I swear!) Click on the link above which will take you to Sam’s page for sign up info!!
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Ok, so you know how most people like to read contemporaries in summer, and fantasies during winter? Well, my brain must be synced to the northern hemisphere because when summer rolls around (like it’s currently doing, albeit not fast enough for my liking), I jam myself into worlds with dragons and magic and treacherous politics in lands with unpronounceable names. (And then spend my winters bawling my eyes out eating chocolate and living in a blanket fort while I read the books that make me cry lots.) So, spring is when I start to back away from the crying books and slowly emerge myself in the fantastic. (And to be honest, this works remarkably well for me as it means I can read urban fantasy during 6 months of the year between spring and autumn.)

The Cruel Prince – Holly Black

Oh yes, my loves. What better land than the one of Fae to kick us off? Also, the world building in this is so good that I kind of also want to list the other HB fae world books here, and we can just have a little fae party and drink some wine and then dance and dance and dance … until we die.
Also, with the all the blossoms blooming in book two of this series, it gives a lot of awesome spring vibes.

The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue – Mackenzi Lee

I know, I know… we’re only two books in and I’m already breaking my rules. (I mean, but what are rules for if not to set boundaries to then smash like the Hulk?!) Also, there is an element of the fantastic in this one. It’s basically a contemporary historical urban fantasy novel. (See? It’s not just Monty. Even the book doesn’t know what it wants!! And the sequel is a historical urban fantasy feminist tome about pirates.) However, the cavorting across Europe was fun and borderline summery so it’s a good spring book!

Going Off Script – Jen Wilde

I mean, I haven’t read it yet, but that cover has some SERIOUS spring vibes going on!! (I was actually going to put The Brightsiders on here, but then I remembered the cover for this one and changed my mind.) Also, not fantasy. Definitely contemporary. But I’d put this earlier in spring when I need to remember what warm looks like. It’s all about easing yourself from one thing to the next!!

Daughter of Smoke and Bone – Laini Taylor

I mean, if I’m going for urban fantasy, this one ticks ALLLLL the boxes. It is a slightly more wintery read, but there is something about these books that would make me want to read it any time of the year.

Lament – Maggie Stiefvater

No list is really complete without a Stiefvater book (if you ask my opinion, which I’m sure you didn’t). However, the majority of Maggie’s books give an unending feeling of winter. The only one for me that didn’t was Sinner, which was set in LA. In summer (I’m pretty sure). And maybe Linger. But The Wolves of Mercy Falls are definitely seasonal books. (I just hate not putting the first book in a series on this list… I’m weird, ok?)
Where was I? Oh yeah, I haven’t read this yet either, but we’re back in a Faerie realm, so I feel like we’ve come full circle on this. Spring = faeries (and maybe angels, possibly cross-continental trips in the 1700’s).

What do you like to read in spring (or autumn)?
Have you read any of these? What did you think?


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