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Top 5… K, L, M, N, O

Good morning bookworms!
Today’s Top 5 Tuesday post is ‘K, L, M, N, O’! Yes, we are making our way through the alphabet. My A-E post is HERE, and the F-J post is HERE. Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by the super lovely Shanah over at the Bionic Bookworm. You can visit her here, and join in for Top 5 Tuesday by checking out all the amazing topics that are coming up!
This week is VERY fantasy heavy… which is great, because that IS what I primarily read! (The last few months have been a really strange oddity…)

OK, K is for Kings Rising by C. S. Pacat. The epic conclusion to the Captive Prince trilogy, Pacat delivers all your hopes and dreams wrapped in sparkly paper and ribbons, only to smash them to pieces while she’s pulling the rug out from under your feet. If you’re an older reader (this series IS NOT YA) and you’re good with sex scenes, m/m romance, rape, torture and slavery, and you loved all the twists and turns of Six of Crows, then maybe give this one a go?

L is for The Last Namsara by Kristen Ciccarelli. DRAGONS. DRAGONS. DRAGONS. DRAGONS. DRAGONS. Have I sold you yet? Ok, this series is told in this beautiful half-story, half-mythology way where chapters are interspersed with tales from the character’s background to add more flavour to the story. Also, we’ve got a kick-ass heroine who isn’t your classic beauty (her face has a giant burn across it) AND DID I MENTION THE DRAGONS?

M is for Magician by Raymond E. Feist. Seriously epic fantasy at it’s finest. I will warn you that a) this book is adult fantasy, b) it was published in 1983, so it’s kind of old (but as it that matters in fantasy!), and c) Feist is basically a sexist asshole (it’s true, I went and saw him speak, and WOW, does he have hang-ups about women being equal) so there’s only like 5 women in the whole series, and they’re all either maids, wives or dainty princesses. However, I do still recommend it, because the world building is phenomenal (and I first read it when I was young and didn’t really understand about feminism).

N is for Nevernight by Jay Kristoff. If you couldn’t see that coming a mile away, then you’re clearly new around these parts. (Hi new friend!!!) If you’ve never read the Jay Kristoff (VERY NOT YA) stabby teenage assassin with snark story, then I HIGHLY recommend. There is smut, enough sarcasm to argue for its own language, and like, a lot of blood and death though, so feel yourself warned. Featuring my second favourite non-cat Mister Kindly. (Yes, I so love another non-cat more. Sorry, Mogget’s had my heart for longer.)

O is for Obernewtyn by Isobelle Carmody. Another book from the 80’s; however, this 7-book series is beautifully crafted (and features man amazing women) by Aussie author Carmody. Now, I LOVE Carmody’s work, but she’s notoriously slow when publishing / writing. But, this series IS finished (although it did take almost 3 decades)… Starring our MC Elspeth Gordie, this YA dystopian series tells of a house full of children that have ‘powers’. The world basically killed itself through nuclear war, and featuring an amazingly snarky cat (Maruman), and one of the best series-long antagonists I’ve ever read.


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