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Top 5 Tuesday

Top 5… LGBTQ+ books

Today’s Top 5 Tuesday is ‘LGBTQ+ books’. Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by the super lovely Shanah over at the Bionic Bookworm. You can visit her here, and join in for Top 5 Tuesday by checking out all the amazing topics we have coming up!

Also, I can’t stick to 5 only books for this, so you’re getting a top EIGHT today. And we will start with the fantasy, and then hit the contemporaries!

Starting with, the Six of Crows duology by Leigh Bardugo. Precious Wylan and reckless Jesper are the real unsung heroes of this book. Well, actually Matthias and Nina are the unsung heroes, but I do love Jesper and Wylan all the same!

Next up we have the deadly Mia Corvere and Ashlinn Järnheim of Nevernight and Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff. I love these two so much, but to be honest, if Mia needs to kill everyone to fulfill her destiny, then I’m kind of ok with her getting stabby with Ash as well (sorry!).

Thirdly, my babies Rufus Merle and Arlen Zachary (no, they’re not together!), plus Marcel Hathely and Emeric Fold. In fact, most of the cast of the Harmatia Cycle (The Sons of Thestian and Blood of the Delphi) by M.E. Vaughan are queer.

Carry On

Then we have sweet, sweet babies Simon and Baz from Rainbow Rowell’s Carry On. These two are what Drarry could have been (and still is to me). Also, I heard a rumour that Rowell is writing a sequel to this so, long live Simon and Baz!

Captive Prince couple Laurent and Damen are the slowest of slow burn romances. Written by queer author, C S Pacat, they are one of my fave LGBTQ+ stories ever.

And as the tie in between fantasy and contemporary (urban fantasy in case you’re wondering!), my OTP, Ronan Lynch and Adam Parrish, of The Raven Cycle (The Raven Boys et al) by Maggie Stiefvater. Ronan is my sweet, delicious, feisty and moderately dangerous cinnamon roll of a character. You know, if cinnamon rolls had jagged pieces of broken glass shoved into them. And Adam is the nursemaid who would take the glass out of your skin once you were cut…

Queens of Geek

Making our way to the contemporaries is nerd-fest Queens of Geek by Aussie author Jen Wilde. Charlie and Alyssa are the absolute cutest characters ever! (And I heard that they make cameo appearances in The Brightsiders too!)

And, last but not least, brings me to basically everyone’s favourite babies: Simon, Blue, Cassie, Leah and Abby. Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda, The Upside of Unrequited and Leah on the Offbeat are some of the best contemporary fictions around! Becky Albertalli is a master of this genre.


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