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WWW Wednesday

WWW Wednesday – 5 August 2020

Hello bookworms!! Welcome to this week’s WWW Wednesday – 5 August 2020 (where I completely forgot to write a post because I was having NERVES over Top 5 Tuesday…)!!

This is a weekly meme hosted by Sam @ Taking on a World of Words, where you answer the three following questions:

  • What did you recently finish?
  • What are you currently reading?
  • And, what do you think you’ll read next?

I finished a surprising amount of books this week. I was aiming high on the weekend to finish as much as I could on the PopCulture Readathon (more on this in my wrap up coming soon) that I kind of just smashed it out of the park!

Also, just quietly… if you have participated in Top 5 Tuesday this week and I haven’t listed you as a participant in my post, PLEASE let me know. I only got 2 pingbacks, so I’m trying to figure out where my blog has fallen off the rails…

⚔️ fantasy contemporary ? sci-fi
? historical fiction ❤️ romance ? crime / mystery
? thriller ? classic ? own voices
? BIPOC author ?️‍? queer rep ♿️ disability rep
?‍♀️ YA ? MG ?‍? Adult
? physical book ? ebook ? audiobook
? webcomic / graphic novel ?‍♀️ buddy read ? reread
? Beat the Backlist ARC / review copy ? Aussie author / #loveozya
? Pop Culture readathon (July) ? YARC ? N.E.W.T.s readathon (August)

Emoji table for reference

29 July – 4 August

what i finished

This is an unusually high number of books for a week. Even if you don’t count the graphic novels!!

Loveless by Alice Oseman

I finished this, and it was amazing, and I cried a teeny, tiny bit. Like, right near the end. (If you’ve read it, the scene in the middle of the field made me sob…) Anyway, I’m not sure I could ever rank Oseman books. I love them all for really different reasons, but I loved this. I think I need to reread Solitaire again because I want to know in my head if it’s held up over time.

Loveless by Alice Oseman
⛱ ? ?️‍? ?‍♀️ ? ⏰ ?

Rat Queens Volume 1: Sass and Sorcery by Kurtis J. Wiebe

So… I started Volume 2 of Rat Queens, and then realised that it had been over a year since I had read Volume 1 (because I’m so bad at buying graphic novels…) that I decided to just go back and reread the first one. So I did, and honestly, thank goodness for that. a) it counted towards my paranormal type books, and b) I had forgotten almost everything. Now I just need to find Volumes 3 through 8 and we can continue.

Sass and Sorcery by Kurtis J. Wiebe
⚔️ ?️‍? ?‍? ? ? ? ?

Rat Queens Volume 2: The Far Reaching Tentacles of N'Rygoth by Kurtis J. Wiebe

I saw Volume 2 completely by accident this month when I went searching for a copy of Fence: Rivals (because I was too impatient to wait for my preorder, but then I had to wait anyway) and remembered how much I liked Volume 1, so I got it, and I’m so glad that I did. The characters are so much fun (in a Mia Corvere, will remove your head from your neck way) and I just had fun reading it.  It’s actually giving me ideas for more D&D characters.

The Far Reaching Tentacles of N’Rygoth by Kurtis J. Wiebe
⚔️ ?️‍? ?‍? ? ? ? ?

Mortal Instruments #2 City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare

It wasn’t just about graphic novels this month, I got through another Shadowhunter reread as well!! I ended up listening to almost all of this book by audio. I think I only did the first 2 chapters in my physical copy before making the switch. There was a lot of cleaning, painting and drawing taking place while listening to this. I’ve been thinking about trying out listening to audiobooks while playing Animal Crossing too, as it’s not a huge thinking game. We’ll see what happens in August!!

City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare
⚔️ ?‍♀️ ? ? ?

Meet Cute by Helena Hunting

And finally, I also squeezed in Meet Cute. I read this in almost one sitting. It’s a cute romance type book (not too heavy on the smut which was nice), and I had fun reading it. It was a really good palate cleanser as I ended up reading some heavy books this week. Loveless is deep intellectually, and the Rat Queens graphic novels are violent and gory, so it was nice to have that soft, fluffy read too.

Meet Cute by Helena Hunting
❤️ ?‍? ? ? ?

I also feel weird that I don’t have multiple books in here… who even am I?!

Charlotte Holmes #4: A Question of Holmes by Brittany Cavallaro

It is TIME. Time to read this book, the last one in the Charlotte Holmes series. I’ve had this book on my TBR for about a year. I was slowly making my way through the series, but had hit a snag as I had to wait for the matching cover of these to come out, so there was a delay on my preorder for a while. And then I’d built it up so much in my head that when it did arrive, I just couldn’t read it immediately. But I think that’s ok too. Anyway, I’ll probably finish this tonight, so expect it on my other list next week.

A Question of Holmes by Brittany Cavallaro
⛱ ? ?‍♀️ ? ? ?

what's up next

Winternight #1: The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden

I have been giving my TBR some serious thought, and it’s time for me to delve into another series that has been sitting on my shelves for the longest time (especially now I have the entire series). So, expect me to start the Winternight trilogy by Katherine Arden!! I really love Russian folklore and mythology and I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to get to this. Plus I have it in the whole trilogy in this beautiful hardcover set.

The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden
⚔️ ?‍♀️ ? ? ?

What are you currently reading??

until next time, happy reading! Meeghan xo


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