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WWW Wednesday

WWW Wednesday — 3 July 2024

Hello friends!! Welcome to this week’s WWW Wednesday — 3 July 2024!!

WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Sam @ Taking on a World of Words, where you answer the three following questions:

  • What did you recently finish?

  • What are you currently reading?

  • And, what do you think you’ll read next?

Let’s see what I have been reading… (All images will link to Goodreads if you click on them. Potentially.)

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WWW Wednesday — 3 July 2024

what i finished

SUCCESS!! I did it!! I did both things, actually. After almost completely freaking out last week because I hadn’t started the book club pick two days before book club, I not only read the book, but I finished three others. Which includes finishing the Under the Oak Tree series. Because, from what I can tell from five minutes of internet research, it is over.

I won’t say complete, because it looks like the author rage quit writing it. And honestly that is completely fair given the issues she was having from people/companies stealing the original Korean, translating it themselves and then selling it in English. I would have rage-quit writing it as well. And to anyone who said it wasn’t a reasonable reaction, I urge you to consider how you’d feel if someone else got paid using your work and you didn’t. It’s pretty shitty. Also, illegal.

A Fate Inked in Blood by Danielle L Jensen

Title: A Fate Inked in Blood
Author: Danielle L. Jensen
Series: Saga of the Unfated #1
Released: 27 Feb 2024
Read: June 2024
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I feel justified disliking 90% of the characters (because I think we’re supposed to).

Under the Oak Tree #10 by Suji Kim

Title: Under the Oak Tree (S2 B4)
Author: Suji Kim
Series: Under the Oak Tree #10
Released: 26Dec 2023
Read: June 2024
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️
This does not feel even remotely close to ending satisfactorily.

Under the Oak Tree #11 by Suji Kim

Title: Under the Oak Tree (S2 B5)
Author: Suji Kim
Series: Under the Oak Tree #11
Released: 4 May 2024
Read: July 2024
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
The ending was nice, but I really wanted something more. There were more tied up bits than I expected though.

Bridesmaid For Hire by Meghan Quinn

Title: Bridesmaid for Hire
Author: Meghan Quinn
Series: Bridesmaid for Hire #1
Released: 2 Apr 2024
Read: July 2024
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I am back on my older-brother’s-best-friend train and I’m not sorry. This was cute though, and my first Meghan Quinn book.

what i'm reading

So, you know how I read basically all of Helena Hunting’s ice hockey books?? Yeah, there’s a new series. It’s set in the same universe as the Pucked series and the Lies, Hearts and Truths series (which is published under H. Hunting).

While there are no character crossovers (yet), there has been a very brief mention of characters from other books. Mostly as they discuss hockey players in general. The Toronto Terrors series (this one) is new adult-ish (like, FMC just graduated uni ~6 months beforehand) and set in… surprise, Toronto, Canada. It’s also (from what I can tell so far) MUCH lighter than the LHT series. Like, so much less trauma. This is also the first book in the series.

It’s also, an older-brother’s-best-friend sports romance. So I am 100% plowing through this. No pun intended. On either front. It’s a lot of fun and I am enjoying it.

However it has reminded me how many Hunting books I have to catch up on… 🤔

If You Hate Me by Helena Hunting

what's up next

The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon

You know what we’re not doing this month? Starting the book pick the day before book club chat. Mostly because this month’s bad boy is a teensy 848 pages.

Yes, the Bookish Collision Discord group’s pick for July is The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon. Which might kill me. But I’ve also had this week off work because that niggling cough turned into a chest infection. So, now is the time to start.

Plus, once I finish the above book, I will have just cleansed my fantasy palate with two romances. It is Priory’s time to shine. I could not have planned this better if I had indeed planned it.

Other book club picks are in the July 2024 TBR post, but it’s a full-fantasy month for July. Good thing it’s winter here and I can snuggle under a blanket with these chonky bois.

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What are you currently reading?

until next time, happy reading! Meeghan xo


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