Wedding planning – stationery

I’m an event planner – that’s my jam.  It’s not what I do for a living now, but I worked in hospitality for a long time, and I used to own and run a small business that did party planning.  It’s my dream job (if I could make enough money from it while still being my own boss).

I’m also engaged.  And cheap.  So I’m designing my own wedding stationery.  Also, I can’t find anything online that I like that can be used for the long list of items you would want matching (I have OCD) stationery for.  The list is longer than you would think, too:

  • Save the dates
  • Invitations
  • RSVP cards
  • Gift registry/wishing well cards
  • Details information
  • Ceremony programs
  • Reception menus
  • Reception signage
  • Bonbonniere labels
  • Thank you cards
  • Return address stickers

Now, we may decide not to use all of these things, or I might decide to use chalkboards for some of it (I have them in abundance in storage from my party planning days).  But there are things we will have to organise, like the first 5 and probably the last 3 – and I want them to have a fluidity to them.  They don’t have to match exactly, but I would like them to at least have the same colour scheme and font.

I’ve been messing around on iStudio trying to find something that my fiancé and I both like (yes, he wants input on the decisions – I know, it’s unheard of).  We’ve picked a font and wording, but we can’t decide on a background.  The theme of the wedding is country chic (because we are literally getting married in the country – it kind of ties you to a theme).  So now it’s a process of going through the image options for a background.  Do we use an image of the venue?  Do we use a stock photo of fairy lights in a forest setting (I love this), or of a field with dandelions (I also love this), or wood grain (boring, but simple)?  Or do we just go with a plain colour?

These are the decisions I am stressing over.  My dress can be decided later – and I pretty much know what I want.  Flowers – organised.  Venue – organised.  Celebrant – organised.  Stationery?  No idea.

Does anyone have any advice???

(Kudos to Boho Weddings on the photo)

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