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Top 5 Tuesday

Top 5 Tuesday topics: April-June 2022

Hello bookworms!! Welcome to the Top 5 Tuesday topics post: April-June 2022!!

Firstly, can we talk about how time moves? Because I am suitably unimpressed with how quickly things are happening. YES, unimpressed. If Mr Time or Father Time or whoever can please adjust these settings, that would be great. Also, can we have an extra weekend day just for reading while you’re at it?

Also, what was I thinking with those topics from Jan-Mar?! They went from mean to hard. Ooft. Past Meeghan was a mean Meeghan. She chose violence. A lot. But anyway, let’s get on with the topics for what will (hopefully) be an easy 3 months!!

Top 5 Tuesday was created by Shanah at Bionic Book Worm, and it is my absolute privilege and pleasure to say that it is now being hosted here, at Meeghan reads!!

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Top 5 Tuesday topics: April 2022

April on my side of the world means Autumn, but for most people it’s Spring. So let’s try some different new beginnings. (But less resolutions than January…)

5 April: Top 5 anticipated reads for Apr-Jun 2022

It’s time to talk about all the shiny new books coming out in the second quarter of the year. Because we are doing this quarterly now. It’s easier on my … budget?

12 April: Top 5 books about a birth

It’s the very start of new beginnings! And like, the very start of everything really.

19 April: Top 5 books about a wedding

Marriage is like a new beginning… right?!
I’m going to kick myself about this one when we get here… but it will also be Easter long weekend so fingers crossed I’ll have time to actually come up with something.

26 April: Top 5 books about a death

It’s the circle of life, ok?! We all end up here eventually!!
(Also, no apologies if you now have The Circle of Life in your head…)

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Top 5 Tuesday topics: May 2022

Let’s look at our reading environments in May. Also, fingers crossed this one is easy!!

3 May: Top 5 snacks for reading

This is making me hungry just thinking about it… But what do you like to snack on when you read? Or is reading a *SNACK FREE ZONE*? (I have a friend who is very particular about this.)

10 May: Top 5 drinks for reading

And now I’m thirsty too. What’s your drink (or drinks) of choice when reading?

17 May: Top 5 places to read

Are you a couch reader or a bed reader? Or maybe a hammock in the shade reader? Where are your fave places to read?

24 May: Top 5 reading accessories

Be it lamps or bookmarks, tabs or pens, headphones or cloth jackets ― what are the things you like to use or have when you’re read?

31 May: *freebie*

It’s been a while since we had a freebie… Topic of your choice for the last week of May!

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Top 5 Tuesday topics: June 2022

It’s my birthday, and I’ll cry if I want to. But I really don’t think I do. Trying to find some happy topics from my very long list of options…

7 June: Top 5 books with a holiday

Have we been locked up for 5 years, or does it just feel like it? Let’s take a trip. (Also, can you tell I’m dying to take a holiday?)

14 June: Top 5 books that remind you of a season

I will be needing some summery suggestions in the midst of our winter here. (Consider it my birthday present!!)

21 June: Top 5 rainy day reads

I do love a good rainy day read. What is your perfect book to bundle under the covers with?

28 June: Top 5 books of 2022… so far

Yes, we are halfway through 2022. So tell us your fave books of the year ― so far!

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Which prompts are you looking forward to?

until next time, happy reading! Meeghan xo


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