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Top 5… series I won’t be finishing

Today’s Top 5 Tuesday is ‘series that I won’t be finishing’, and is hosted by the super lovely Shanah over at the Bionic Bookworm, and you can check out her page here (please do, she’s amazing).

OK! Umm, honestly? I can’t think of any series I’ve read recently that I wouldn’t finish, but I’m also not really the type of person who will DNF a book or a series easily. (Even when I start to read books and put them down, I’ll come back at a later date and reread them anyway.) Like, I hated King’s Cage and I’ll still read War Storm. I’m just that dedicated to finishing a story!

However, for the purposes of this blog post (and we’ll just pretend that I’m not OCD about these things), I will FIND 5 series that I might not finish.

The Carve the Mark duology by Veronica Roth. I own these two books, but to be honest, I don’t see that I will read them any time soon. Reviews are super mixed (that’s my nice way of saying I haven’t seen a good one yet) and I never read Divergent either. In fact, I’m not even sure why I bought the first one, and only bought the second when it came out so the covers would match in size.

I read 2.5 books of the Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb when I was in highschool. The third book had come out so it was probably late 1990’s (YA fantasy wasn’t really a thing then), and I actually DNF’ed book three at the halfway point because it was dragging and I was hating it. Apparently I was probably only like 50 pages off it coming amazing again but that was that. I then read the last page of the books, totally out of context (and have never done so again) and then threw all the books away. Suffice to say I’ve since been corrected on how it actually ends, but I think that ship has sailed for me, for better or for worse.

Artemis Fowl

Admittedly, I have only read book one of the Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer, however, all I remember about it was that he was against fairies and trying to catch them (for evil plans?). Artemis came across (to my teenage self) as a whiny, corrosive, arrogant, rich wanker and I have had nothing to do with him since. I’m starting to think I was a pretty judgemental teenager…

OK, this is the point where I admit that I am struggling, so here’s two series that I may not finish for a while…

I feel like I need to preface this by saying I LOVE MAGICIAN, however, if you want to delve into this world, be warned, there are THIRTY books in the Riftwar Cycle by Raymond E Feist. However, don’t be put off, you can just read Magician on its own, because it can be an amazing standalone book, or alternatively, you can read these three (Magician is technically two books in one so you may have to read four as opposed to three depending on how it’s published in your country), and they’re commonly referred to as The Riftwar Saga, confusing, I know. (PS, there’s also the Riftwar Legacy and Legends of the Riftwar within the Riftwar Cycle, so be prepared for lots of made up words.)

The Hazel Wood FL

The Hazel Wood makes it for two reasons. 1) The book was amazing until the last couple of chapters and then it kind of fell flat. 2) It ended. It literally doesn’t need a sequel. I know I still haven’t published my review of it, but I genuinely thought it was a standalone novel until I was corrected, and then I just got confused. Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally happy for Melissa Albert to release the actual book of fairy tales (Leigh Bardugo style), but I don’t know that I would read a sequel because it’s not really needed. Like ever.

Huh. That was actually easier than I thought it was. Who knew I was more opinionated than I give myself credit for!

Until next time… Happy reading!


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