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Top 5… reasons I love reading

Good morning bookworms!

Today’s Top 5 Tuesday is ‘top 5 reasons I love reading’. Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by the super lovely Shanah over at the Bionic Bookworm. You can visit her here, and join in for Top 5 Tuesday by checking out all the amazing topics we have coming up!

Also… AJFISKSHWILUBM. WHAT? Shanah, you are killing me already with these topics! I thought 2019 was going to be an easier year, and you have upped the ante!! Also, be prepared for MEMES because I can’t show pretty books for this topic!!

  1. Escapism. I read books to escape from reality (which is dreadfully dull and horrible – I mean, taxes and burglary and life can just be blegh). It’s likely the reason that I also read SO MUCH fantasy. (Also, magic.)Giph of Peter Pan saying "come away to Neverland"
  2. Discovery. I love reading because it introduces me to lots of worlds. Places in our world, as well as imaginary worlds. One of my favourite stories about this is that I read Night of Cake and Puppets by Laini Taylor (companion novel to Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy), and it has this map of Prague where the characters run around doing things (can’t tell you because SPOILERS). Anyway, my husband and I went to Prague on our honeymoon a few months later, and I MADE HIM DO THE THING THAT THEY DO (as best I could), and he has no idea, but I loved it. And we would never have been on that adventure without BOOKS. (Also, just really fortunate publishing dates.)Aladdin singing "A whole new world"
  3. Learning. I love learning new things (as I told my niece the other day). And reading helps with that. I mean, mostly I learn about magic and dragons and what to do if your virtual boyfriend you’ve been writing to learns your real name because you got blackmailed, then outed by a jerk you go to school with because you wouldn’t set him up on a date with your friend… (that was a rather specific example…) But I do learn some real things that are helpful with life too. Like… the best chocolate chip cookies take a LOT of patience to make, and you might have to amend recipes to get the right one, but your fake boyfriend will totes help you out by trying 2,673 different recipe batches while he drives you and your little sister to school.Hermione dropping a giant book in front of Harry.
  4. Conversation topics. Actually, this is a bad example as mostly when people say to me: What do you do for fun? and I say: Read, they look at me like I’ve grown two extra heads (although, wouldn’t that be HANDY if I could read 3 books at once?!). But sometimes another book nerd asks me, and then we have awkward stilted conversation about which books we love, and it’s definitely way less awkward when we like the same books and then the conversation turns to gushing. This is also good for times when I talk to people online (which is a way better thing for me as my awkwardness lessens behind a keyboard) as I already know I like you and we like the same things because you’re talking to me either through a blog or on instagram. So, really I love reading for the virtual community of love and acceptance that we call book blogging or bookstagram.Gaston saying to Belle "How can you read this? There's no pictures!"
  5. Relaxing. Reading books (and drinking tea) soothes my (tortured) soul in the same way that shopping probably relaxes people. (Although, personally, I hate shopping. I hate crowds. I hate people. I do nearly ALL of my shopping online. It makes me anxious thinking about it. Oh, look at that, I need to go read a book now to relax…)Harley Quinn reading while drinking coffee in prison

So, there you have it… FIVE REASONS why I love reading. (Although, don’t look too closely because I’m pretty sure the first three are just extensions of each other and the fourth one isn’t really a reason, it’s a consequence… but SHHHH!)

Until next time, be as happy reading as this kitty! Go on! (Also, this is why I rarely do memes… because once you start, you just can’t stop!)

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