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Top 5 reading accessories

Hello bookworms!! Welcome to Top 5 Tuesday!! This week’s topic is top 5 reading accessories.

I actually love talking about my reading accessories. If you’ve been on my insta (where, admittedly, my posting is even way less frequent than here 😓) you have probably seen several posts where I gush about creators who make things that I just cannot live without. And now I can scream about them here for you too!! (Also, all the photos below have been stolen from my Insta, except the last two which I had to stage for this post!!)

If you missed the April-June 2022 topics, they are out now! Top 5 Tuesday was created by Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm, and is now being hosted here @ Meeghan reads.

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top 5 reading accessories

iPad mini

This is the part where I admit that I’ve actually never owned an ‘ereader’ tablet. I initially rebuked the idea of not reading physical books because (oh the shame) I am very much a book sniffer. I’m also a visual person so having a TBR somewhere that I can’t see it means that I will 100% never read it. I also just love physically holding books.

However, I’ve had an iPad mini since they came out. I had the original one, and then I upgraded to the mini 4 when it came out. I’m probably due for another upgrade in the next year or so as this one is getting a bit slow (and deservedly so as I’ve had it for over 6 years).

I used to use my iPad for all sorts of things, but in the last 2-3 years (since getting a laptop) I really only use it as an ereader. BUT, the thing I love most about it is that I can use ALL of the reading apps. Like, the Kindle app, the Google books app, the Apple books app, etc. Which means I can shop around when I’m looking for an ebook!

book sleeves

I am a believer in book sleeves. When I’m taking a book anywhere now, it is packed into a book sleeve before it hits my handbag, backpack or suitcase.

Also, I own a lot of book sleeves. Probably too many. I tend to get a lot through book boxes, and then I have separately bought some too. And of course I have my favourites creators who make the best ones (in my opinion).

Which of course, leads me to talking about Hide Your Spoons, who I believe make the BEST book sleeves. Fer just has the best fabrics (especially if you’re a nerd), and the sleeves themselves give the best protection. They have a bit of structural integrity to them (i.e. they aren’t floppy), but they are still super flexible.

PLUS the large ones fit the ginormous Aussie paperbacks that we get instead of hardcovers when books are first released. In fact, the picture is of my Sailor Mercury book sleeve that has a copy of Gemina in it. For comparison, Gemina is about the same size as my US hardcover of A Court of Silver Flames. So, you know the sizes are GOOD!!

wax melts

I know this isn’t technically a reading accessory, but I do love having the wax melter on in my home office / library when I’m reading. I will choose a wax melter (electric) over a candle for two reasons. Firstly, the entire room is basically an arsonist’s dream — there is paper literally everywhere. Secondly, I have a cat who is an idiot and has walked over the top of candles several times, singeing his fur. So, we don’t do open flames any more.

But most importantly, I tend to get bookish-themed scents from the lovely Spark + Sparrow. Madi has more scents than you can poke a stick at, although my faves lie towards the fruity scented ones — Cabeswater being my absolute fave, which works well because we all know I’m a Maggie Stiefvater fan.

Also, I am giving Madi a shoutout for her vegan lip balms as well. I have so many shoved away in different handbags and coat pockets that no matter where I go, I always have one nearby!!

bookish planner

*screams internally* I LOVE my bookish planner. I have been getting the Little Inkling Designs Bookish Planner every year since 2019. This year is my fourth, and I cannot imagine my life without it.

I normally get the horizontal day, but this year I switched it up to try the vertical day. I still like it, but I think I’ll be going back to the horizontal next year. But that’s partly because I tend to decorate my days with washi-tape and stickers (see Keeper of the Suns store below), and I just find that there’s more space to do this with the horizontal.

Each year I have loved the extras that Megan adds in, and really I’m not sure how she will top this year for the 2023 planner?!

velvet-finish bookmarks

This is going to sound weird, but I used to not care about bookmarks. Honestly, I’d just use whatever was nearby: post-it note, receipt, pencil, sock. Didn’t matter so long as I could reasonably close the book around it.

Then I found Keeper of the Suns through Insta, and Jasmine’s planner stickers were so adorable (see above photo) that I bought a bunch of them. For whatever reason, in one order I bought a ‘velvet-finish bookmark’. And I have been OBSESSED ever since.

Because really, how many bookmarks does someone need in their life? Let me tell you, the answer is “all of them”. Because I need every single one that Jasmine ever releases. Partly because they are adorable. And partly because I now need all cardboard in my life to feel like this.

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What are your top 5 reading accessories?

until next time, happy reading! Meeghan xo


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