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Top 5 characters U-Z

Happy Tuesday bookworms!! Today’s Top 5 Tuesday post is top 5 characters whose names start with the letters U-Z. We are finally at the end of the alphabet!!

*Genuinely down to “some” now!! Yes, I’d like to say that this list is much smaller than other weeks (but still over the 5 that it should be…)!!

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Top 5 characters U-Z

U is for Usagi

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon vol 1

Calling all Sailor Moon stans!! I am, and have been for most of my life, a giant fan of Usagi, Tuxedo Mask and the rest of the Sailor Scouts. This was my favourite cartoon when I was a kid, and it brought me so much joy. Suffice to say, when I found copies of the graphic novels, they were quickly added to my TBR.

Usagi is not the hero you expect at all, and apart from the part where she looks EXACTLY like Sailor Moon, it’s so easy to assume that she isn’t a hero. She’s scared and emotional and cries all the time. But she’s a really loyal friend, and she eventually gets it right.

No honourable mentions because I couldn’t think of anyone else who’s name starts with U.

V is for Vasya

Winternight #1: The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine ArdenVasya is one of my favourites because she is impetuous and wild. But not in a way that is malicious or hurtful, which is so nice. Just in a medieval European girls-should-be-seen-and-not-heard breaking all the rules way.

Vasya not only breaks all the rules of being a “good child”, she can see the old spirits of Slavic folklore. She is friends with the rusalka, the bannik, and the domovoi (he was my favourite). And she adheres to the traditions that keep them alive. It’s probably my favourite thing about her.

Honourable mentions: Victor (Vicious); Viggo (Grim Lovelies); Valek (Poison Study); Vivi (The Folk of the Air).

W is for Will

Infernal Devices #1: Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

Will is… Will. He’s headstrong, brash, bold, wilder than Vasya, and has this recklessness about him that should drive me mad. But likely I’m ok with it because I genuinely don’t have to deal with it myself. He’s just fictional, and even then, cleaning his messes is not my job!!

I feel like some of the recklessness was definitely passed down through the gene pool. While I haven’t read Chain of Gold yet, you can definitely see it in Jace at any rate!!

Honourable mentions: Wade (Soulbound); Wolf (The Lunar Chronicles); Willow (Starfell); Daft Wullie (Discworld).

X is for… nothing!

Y is for Yelena

Poison Study by Maria V SnyderYelena is one of my favourite YA kick-ass female characters. In fact, when I read it, the story reminded me of Throne of Glass a little to begin with. (Girl is sentenced to death, but at the last moment is offered to the King (Commander) as an assassin (poison tester), and falls in love with the guard.

That’s about it for similarities. Yelena has common traits with Celaena, but they are very different people. Yelena is trained by Valek, who is the Commander’s right-hand man, to become a force of nature herself, but Yelena’s greatest attributes lie in her kindness and mercy.

… and Y is for You

The Shepherd's Crown by Terry Pratchett

OK, so I don’t actually have much to say for You, except that she’s a very lovely white cat. Probably magical. And I love her name (she was named by Granny Weatherwax). She is also the exact opposite of Greebo (Nanny Ogg’s cat) in pretty much every way. And she chose Tiffany, which speaks volumes for her character!!

To be honest, I was going to put You in the honourable mentions, but she looked so sad there all by herself… and besides, I love showing the cover of The Shepherd’s Crown, where she is actually seen!!

No honourable mentions.

Z is for Zuzana

Night of Cake and Puppets by Laini Taylor

Yes, finally, we reach my favourite rabid fairy, Zuzana. Not actually a fairy, just a girl with a penchant for puppets and Karou’s best friend, Zuzana and Mik actually got their own story (Night of Cake and Puppets) from the DOSAB trilogy and it was the greatest!!

Fun story for you: When we were in Prague on our honeymoon, I had mapped out Zuse and Mik’s map from this story and took my husband for a walk along it. Because they zigzag a little bit, husband was convinced I was lost (I never told him that was the path we were taking), and it was so it has become this hilarious conversation of ‘remember when you got lost in Prague?’ One day I might let him in on the secret!!

Honourable mentions: Zachary (The Harmatia Cycle); Zila (Aurora Rising).

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