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Top 5 characters K-O

Happy Tuesday bookworms!! Today’s top 5 Tuesday is favourite characters whose names start with the letters K-O.

I may have let it get *slightly* out of control this week… Look, M is hard, ok? There’s just TOO MANY amazing people (fictional or otherwise) whose names start with M. What can I say?! ?

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Top 5 characters K-O

K is for Karou …

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

Ha, if you thought this list would be complete without the inspiration for why I dyed MY hair blue, you would be sadly mistaken. Yes, my favourite artist, thief, chimera, and blue-haired occupant of Prague would have made my top 5 list if it was all characters. (Although, can you imagine how long the list of honourable mentions would be if that were just one week?!!)

Karou is the main character from Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy, although there has already been some mentioned, and yet more to come as well!! In fact, if I had to pick early, I think Karou might turn up on some of your lists too…

… and K is also for Knightley

Emma by Jane Austen

I am kind of breaking my own game here, but only because I totally forgot about Knightley last week (who should really be under G for George – especially because I put Darcy under F for Fitzwilliam… Which REALLY means that I should have put Gansey under R for Richard… but it’s my list and this is how we’re doing it).

Where was I? Oh, Knightley from Jane Austen’s Emma. Who I am going to put forward as the BEST of the Austen love interests. Why? I have a LIST of reasons that I have half drafted into a whole blog post. If you haven’t read it, please do. If you want an excellent adaptation instead (or as well as), I’ve seen pretty much all of them and the BBC 2009 miniseries is the best. Although I am biased because Jonny Lee Miller plays Knightley and I love him too.

Honourable mentions: Kai (Date Me, Bryson Keller); Kaz (Six of Crows); Kal (Aurora Rising).

L is for Lou …

Serpent and Dove by Shelby Mahurin

Wow do I love Lou. I have always wanted to give Lou a Daenerys name. Like, super long… and I feel like this is my chance!! So, if you will indulge me…
Louise of the house Le Blanc, first of her name, heir to the throne of the white witches, charmer of men, eater of sticky buns,  friend of the scorned, wife of Diggory, daughter of…?!

Ok, so I couldn’t go all the way with that one because of spoilers!! But basically Lou makes the list because she’s a sweet tooth cake fiend (just like me) and is a fiercely loyal person, once you’ve earned her loyalty. Plus, she’s sarcastic as f***.

… and L is also for Laurent

Captive Prince #2: Prince's Gambit by C. S. PacatYes, we had Damianos under D, and so now we have Laurent under L. Because I love them both, equally, although for very different reasons. If that is possible. While I love Damen for his earnestness, I love Laurent for his sneakiness. Yes, while it appears that Laurent has no morals and just does whatever he pleases whenever he wants, it is an act, and one that he certainly does play well.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been known to love a vapid, rude, sarcastic idiot… but they usually turn out not that way at all. The underhandedness is not an act though… but gosh it is helpful in this book!! If you have a thing for Kaz Brekker, I highly recommend that you look into Laurent!!

Honourable mentions: Laia (An Ember in the Ashes); Lia Mara (A Heart So Fierce and Broken); Leif (The Chronicles of Ixia); Lysandra (Throne of Glass); Lirael (The Old Kingdom); Luc (Boyfriend Material); Luc (Grim Lovelies); Leon (The Flatshare); Lucien (ACOTAR); Lucien (Soulbound); Lorcan (Throne of Glass).

M is for Mog …

Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow by Jessica Townsend

M is the magical letter of the alphabet (with R) where the MAJORITY of my favourite characters live. But we’re here today to talk about Morrigan Crow (aka Mog) from the Nevermoor series. I know, something new and different for me. I bet you didn’t even know that I’ve read these books. (Sarcasm might be the lowest form of wit, but I can’t stop.)

Mog is who I wish I was a child. I mean, I fit some of the physical description: short, pale, dark hair with a fringe. But she is so confident in who she is, even when she is doubting the world around her. Mog is one of the greatest characters I have ever had the privilege of reading about. And I am so keen for Hollowpox.

… and M is for Magnus …

Shadowhunters: The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan, Maureen Johnson

Honestly I tossed up about 20 different characters for this spot, but ultimately I think it has to go to Magnus Bane. Also, if I didn’t put Magnus, my friend Kristie might actually disown me.

So, Magnus Bane, high warlock of Brooklyn, and person who is like… 700 years old. Give or take. And he’s such a disaster child, despite being so old. But I feel like Magnus subscribes to the theory that you never have to grow up, and age is just a number. Which appeals to me so much because I am a huge child at heart. But Magnus has this beautiful heart and is such a generous soul, and I would absolutely adopt him. Or have him adopt me?!

… and finally, M is also for Mogget

The Old Kingdom #1: Sabriel by Garth NixLook, let’s all pretend that I am not doing my top 3 characters here, but also, he’s a cat, so I couldn’t not put him. Like, I have a feeling there there’s going to be a lot of love for Mia and Mister Kindly out there for M, but honestly, Mogget craps all over Mister Kindly. Or at least I’m sure he would if Mister Kindly had a physical form.

So, you want to talk about a sarcastic cat who isn’t really a cat? Let’s discuss. Mogget is a being that is trapped in cat form by the teeny tiny bell around his neck. For everyone’s good. And while he might look adorable, he is the sulkiest, surliest, most cat-like non-cat in the history of books.

He doesn’t really have a job except to annoy whoever is Abhorsen at the time, and I’m not sure we know how old he is, but I bet he would give Magnus a run for his money. Like, if I had a white cat, I would totally call it Mogget. Or Artemis.

Honorable mentions: Maruman (Obernewtyn); Myfanwy (The Rook); Matthias (Six of Crows); Manon (Throne of Glass); Meghan (The Witches of Eileanan); Morozko (The Bear and the Nightingale); Mister Kindly (Nevernight); Mia (Nevernight); Morrigan (ACOMAF); Morelli (Stephanie Plum); Monty (The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue); Molly (The Upside of Unrequited); Moxie (The Boy Who Steals Houses); Madeleine (Batman: Nighwalker); Meggie (Inkheart); Matthew (Obernewtyn); Max (The Start of Me and You).

N is for Nesta

Yes, Nesta who doesn’t even have a book out yet and is side character in ACOTAR. Nesta is queen, and if you think it was a mistake that neither of her sisters were listed in previous weeks, please let me inform you now that it was not. Yes, I am putting it out there in the public sphere. I am a Nesta stan.

However, I am aware this is a controversial and wildly unpopular opinion, so I’m going to try and break it down for you (and I have extra space because I refuse to put a Feyre cover up for Nesta), but also there are spoilers, so please read at your own peril:

spoiler list
  • she is ultra protective of Elaine (and Feyre, although she recognised that Feyre was strong enough to do her own thing)
  • she didn’t want the meeting with the Queens to happen at her house (because of protectiveness), but she let it happen because she loves Feyre, and then Elaine (and Nesta) got hurt anyway
  • Nesta is brave (went after the merchant with Feyre while still a human)
  • she defended Feyre during the meetings with the High Lords
  • she nursed the wounded during the war
  • plus she helped fix the wall
  • she killed the King of Hybern
  • she TOOK powers from the cauldron

On top of all this, Nesta was far more traumatised than Feyre from their childhood. As the oldest child, she would have had the most memories of their mother and their former life. Because she was older when their father lost everything, she wouldn’t have had the luxury of learning the skills Feyre did such as hunting.

Everyone makes Nesta out to be some spoiled snotty rude bitch, but that is how she was raised. She could read, she was trained to be a lady. This wasn’t the life she was accustomed to, and she dealt with her stress about this the best way she could. (I have to stop now because otherwise this will turn into a Nesta cheer-rant, but I think everyone needs to cut her some slack.)

Honourable mentions: Nik (Gemina); Nina (Six of Crows); Nor (The Price Guide to the Occult)

O is for Olya …

Winternight #2 The Girl in the Tower by Katherine ArdenOkay, so I totally struggled with O, but in my defence, there’s not many characters whose names start with O. Or real like people either. But, we’re going with Olga / Olya from the Winternight trilogy for our first one here, even though I am still currently reading the book.

Olya is the older sister of Vasya, the main character from The Bear and the Nightingale. I don’t really know that much about her, except that she married a prince and has a lot of siblings, but she always seemed kind and to care for her younger sister. Which is more than we can say for some of the other characters.

… and O is also for Owen

Always Never Yours by Emily Wibberley and Austin Siegemund-Broka

It has been a while since I’ve though of this book, but Owen is the shy, slightly nerdy, friend-type character, that you just know is going to end up with the main character in Always Never Yours. He’s quiet but also has this hilarious sense of humour once you crack his shell, and he’s just a great friend too. I mean, I quite liked the slightly nerdy guys in high school (they seemed far less full of themselves than the jocks), so Owen really appealed to me. But, I am also an outlier in these things.

Honourable mentions: Ollie (Only Mostly Devastated).

*cough* Sorry about my rant… I get a little bit… passionate about some of my fave characters. And also defensive. But, we’re all entitled to our own opinions!! (Otherwise how boring would everything be – there’d certainly be no point in these weekly lists!!)

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