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Top 5… books I need to read in 2020

Good morning bookworms!

Today’s Top 5 Tuesday is our first one for 2020!! And today’s topic is Top 5 books I need to read in 2020. Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by the super lovely Shanah over at the Bionic Bookworm. You can visit her here, and join in for Top 5 Tuesday by checking out all the amazing topics that are coming up!

I’m going to try very hard NOT to continue listing the same unread books each year, so I’m picking a list of 5 books that I do need to read this year, but some I haven’t owned for very long!

A Darker Shade of Magic – V. E. Schwab

A Darker Shade of Magic

I know, I know… it’s actually embarrassing that I haven’t read this trilogy yet. In my defence, I have started it no less than three times (the first just after my dad died so that was never going to happen), and the last one I was annoyed to read about Kell’s coat again, and then gave up.

However, I have started it as it’s on my January TBR. And now that I’ve played in the ADSOM Bookish Games last year and kind of have more of an understanding of the characters (but I don’t know any spoilers because I was trying to skim read discussions, and my memory isn’t that great anyway) I actually understand a bit better what’s happening, and I’m enjoying it. I’m already past Part I, which is the furthest I’ve ever gotten!! To be fair, Part I is only 33 pages…

Wintersong – S. Jae-Jones


So, this is another one that’s been on my bookshelves for a stupidly long time. Except I’ve never said that it had to go on my immediate TBR before now, so I’m adding it. I’ve also got Shadowsong (the sequel) and they’re so pretty on my shelves.

I can’t actually remember why I bought this… (unless it came in a book box??) However I did willingly buy the sequel (covers had to match). And I’m pretty sure that I had zero idea what it was about, because I saw someone talking about it this week and they said there were Fae in it, and I was all “uhhh, really???” and now I want to read it. (I need a new fae series with The Folk of the Air being over, ok?!)

Letters to the Lost – Brigid Kemmerer

Letters to the Lost

You can rest assured that every time Kemmerer brings a book out now, it’s going on my immediate TBR. Last year was the first time I’d read anything by her, and I read A Curse So Dark and Lonely, Call It What You Want, and then squeezed in an early copy of A Heart So Fierce and Broken. I gave every single one 5 stars, and they all made my top books list for the year.

So now it’s time to start the back catalogue. I also had it recommended to me by fellow Meegs (@MeegsReads) on Twitter. If my own doubles are saying to read it, then I’m pretty sure it’s time to get stuck in and read it!!

Ninth House – Leigh Bardugo

Ninth House

To be honest, I’ve got a lot of books by Leigh to read this year. I want to finish Siege and Storm, then get through Ruin and Rising, The Language of Thorns, King of Scars, and this one too. I don’t need to worry about the SoC duology because I read (and loved) it back in 2018… 2017? It was a while ago.

The one thing that’s been putting me off this one is people’s screaming about a cliffhanger?! And look, I just don’t deal very well with them. They hurt my brain. And I’m not a patient person at the best of times. Also, the other thing putting me off is the concept that this is a horror/thriller/fantasy… and those first two and me don’t mix very well!!

The Wicker King – K. Ancrum

The Wicker King

I have been hearing people scream about this one for actual years. I finally caved towards the end of last year and bought it. I’ve been promised a lot about this story, and honestly I trust people who have recommended it. So, I do think I will love it. A lot. Which scares me, and is the reason I didn’t read it immediately.

In saying that, there are other books I was also recommended by the same people and I was kicking myself when I did read them for not reading them sooner… so this one goes on the 2020 list!!

Which books do you want to read this year?


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