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Top 5 Tuesday

Top 5 … authors I want to meet!

So from the month of March (as in right now), I will be participating in Top 5 Tuesday! YAAAY!! This means that I actually need to start delivering on my promise to blog ALL THE TIME. Also, it means that I actually need to cut things down to a finite number (like 5) and stick to it… *less yaaaay!*

I’ve been made aware of Top 5 Tuesday by Shanah, and you can see her blog post on this month’s topics (should you also wish to join) HERE.

Ok, let’s get down to business!

  • Maggie Stiefvater – let’s get real here. Maggie is without a doubt my absolute favourite author. There is just something about her writing that really appeals to me, and I’m not sure if it’s because she is also a musician, but every word Maggie writes is deliberate, even if you don’t notice it at the time. I remember reading The Raven Cycle, and after I finished it I immediately wanted to go back to the start and reread it again to pick up all the tiny little nuances – because when I got to the end, they all started popping into my mind, and I though “a-ha… that makes so much sense now!”
  • Sir Terry Pratchett – hey, no one said anything about the authors being alive or anything! I would have loved to meet Sir Terry, creator of the Discworld, before he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease (and subsequently passed away). Terry was one of the first authors of fantasy that I was recommended when I was a teenager, and his dry sense of humour just appealed to me in so many ways. I had no idea at the time that I was reading all about his thoughts and beliefs on society, as there was usually an underlying theme or jab at some component of the world we lived in.
  • Isobelle Carmody – I need to know when Darkbane will be released! I need her to know that I need this book! Glynn and Ember’s story deserves an end, and I’ve been waiting since 1997 (and then 2002) for this to happen! Twenty years is too long to publish a trilogy!
  • Laini Taylor – while I like to say that Karou is my spirit animal, in reality it’s probably closer to Zuze, which is why Karou appeals to me so much. 75% of my conversation is sarcasm and grumbling, filtered only by glaring at strangers (unless they are holding books). If you have zero idea what I’m talking about, please (for the love of everything in the world) go and read the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy. Then come back and tell me that Laini Taylor is not on your ‘to meet’ list as well. I dare you.
  • Sarah J Maas – literally just so I could get a bunch of books signed and pick her brain about why she left Aelin in a metal box for so long (it’s killing me). I mean jeebus, we don’t even have a title and I need to know if Rowaelin make it! (I mean, I assume they do because Maas has a way of making sure that everyone in her universe that is good lives, but surely someone will die in this one! There’s just too many characters for it not to happen!)

If you know me, you’ll know that a couple of my fave authors are not present (i.e. Jay Kristoff, C. S. Pacat and Amie Kaufman)… this is because I’ve already met them and dribbled some rubbish at them in the hopes of sounding like an intelligible human. I have no doubt that I would be just as unintelligible when meeting others, but seriously, I love their brains…


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