The cutest earrings ever

I’m not really a jewellery wearer.  The only piece that I have worn consistently this year is my engagement ring – and I was only given it in June.  I don’t wear other rings, necklaces, bracelets or brooches.  I don’t even wear makeup that often.

However, I cannot resist these amazingly adorable wooden earrings that are made by a lady who lives about 3 hours away from me.  In fact, you could say that I am fascinated, bordering on obsessed, by them.

I originally came into contact with them at the local hand-made markets which are near my house every second Sunday of the month.  The markets are cute, and I usually go and buy some locally made fudge or chocolates or something.  Occasionally I think about buying a lovely wooden block cutting board, or I spend 20 minutes trying on every felt hat I can find (weirdly it’s only the old 1940/1950’s style hats that suit me).

This one random Sunday I happened across this delightful handmade, wooden jewellery table.  Even the name is adorable: Bok Bok B’Gerk (like how a chicken would sound if you actually spent time around chickens, rather than the kids ‘cluck’ sounds would infer).

So this year has seen a few new sets of earring added to the site.  The Christmas ones have returned (gingerbread men and penguins are my favourite here); the tutti-fruitti set (love the little limes); fast food (hot-dogs and tacos!); craft time (mini sewing machines – OMG) and the magical set (the unicorns are GLITTERY!!).  But it has seen some old ones retire – my first purchase included the sweetest little set of bluebirds.  They were so adorable!

However, I must say that my favourite ones are the ones that don’t match.  You heard me – two different earrings to a pair.  These include the car and caravan, teapot and cup, camera and ‘smile’, and rotary telephone and ‘hello’.

Anyway, I have absolutely no idea if they post internationally* – but if you live in Australia and enjoy quirky little awesome earrings, you need to check out their site: www.bokbokbgerk.com.au – make it happen.
* I have just been informed on my Instagram account that Bok Bok B’Gerk DO post internationally, so everyone get in quick before they run out of stock (I’m not joking, I’m probably going to buy out the store).

NOTE: Again, I am not sponsored by this company, I just genuinely love their items.

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