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The 2019 A-Z Reading Challenge

I’m making a start on getting organised for 2019, and one of the things that I found out about at the end of July in 2018 was the 2018 A-Z reading challenge hosted by Ginger Mom and the Kindle Quest. Now, I know that technically I could have absolutely signed up to start doing the 2018 challenge then (and actually still can until 1 December), but I do like to start these things with a clean slate and have an opportunity to finish the challenge, so I am just going to start on 1 January 2019 with the 2019 A-Z reading challenge!

What does this entail, you ask dear reader? Well, it means that in 2019 I will attempt to read 26 books, each that start with a different letter of the alphabet, and then link them back to the original blog post. Basically I’m just setting part of my TBR for the year now. Sounds simple? It could be! However, there are a few teensy rules:

  • You get one freebie  – likely to be used for books that start with X or Z. Most people throw a Q in there as well, but given the number of books on my current shelf that start with “Queen” and are currently unread, I think that one should be ok for me.
  • ‘The’, ‘A’, and ‘An’ do not count as the start of a title. For instance, ‘A Tale of Two Cities’, would be listed against ‘T’ as ‘Tale of Two Cities, A’; similarly, ‘The Great Gatsby’ would be listed under ‘G’ as ‘Great Gatsby, The’.
  • You have to link back to the original post (duh) to say you’re joining in, and then also link back for each time you mark a book off your list. Also, you should post a link to your review/post confirming you read a book, on their blog so they can keep track. They do post a ‘monthly review link up’ that is perfect for this as well. Also, you don’t need a blog to do this! you can do it through Twitter or Instagram or Goodreads or an Amazon account! However you want to do it, just remember to send them the link of where you said you read a book!
  • READ BOOKS! I know, this one isn’t that difficult for fellow book nerds. However, graphic novels, audio books and other things count as well, so don’t feel limited!

There is a prize of a $100 Amazon voucher as well for some lucky reader. You don’t need to have completed the challenge to go into the draw, as each book you read against a letter provides you with an opportunity to win. So, as long as you sign up and link back to at least one book, you will have between 1 and 26 chances to win!

So, that’s it! Go check out Ginger Mom’s post, and if you want to, join us!


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