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    Top 5 books that share Taylor song titles

    Hello friends!! Welcome to Top 5 Tuesday!! This week’s topic is a freebie!! But since I remain in my Swiftie era, today I am doing top 5 books that share Taylor song titles!! I am hoping that after last week’s debacle, you all have a spot of relief from my crazy prompt picking… I’m definitely going to have to have…

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    May-June 2021 wrap up

    Hello bookworms!! It’s time for the May-June 2021 wrap up. Hahahaha, honestly, I would not even be surprised if you think I’ve incorrectly titled this post. Because it is many, many months late. After May’s epic organisation (which lasted for a whole two weeks), we’re back to being super late with everything… And I do mean SUPER late. To be…

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    April 2021 wrap up

    Hello bookworms!! It’s time for the April 2021 wrap up. Which was only like a week ago. Who is this person who has already posted FOUR times this month?! Apparently we met organisation, and are now friends. Who knew?! Don’t get me wrong, life is still kicking my butt a little. OK, maybe a lot. But I’m trying very hard…

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    March 2021 wrap up

    Hello bookworms!! It’s time for the March 2021 wrap up. Which was basically forever ago because April has been a TIME. Is it just me, or is 2021 shaping up to be somehow worse than 2020?? Just like in February, I can’t seem to stay on top of things. Except where I was failing at everything except two things before,…

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    February 2021 wrap-up

    Hello bookworms!! It’s time for the February 2021 wrap-up. AND I’m even doing it earlier than I have been, although it is halfway through March… Despite it only being two weeks ago, I have no idea what happened in February. Is it just me or is this year just one long blur so far?? I just can’t seem to keep…

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    January 2021 wrap-up

    Hello bookworms!! Yes, it’s the last day of February and here I am doing my January 2021 wrap-up… I swear I am trying to stay on top of blogging… it’s just so hard some weeks!! (Months? Years?) On the plus side, I am on top of blog-hopping, so yay me!! Umm… January was a time. I normally take time off…

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    November and December 2020 wrap-up

    Hello bookworms!! Welcome to the November AND December 2020 wrap-up. Because I didn’t get organised enough to publish the November one and now it’s two thirds of the way through January and I haven’t even done the full 2020 wrap-up yet. Because what even is being organised in this day and age??? Honestly, I barely even remember what happened last…

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    July '19 wrap up and ARC August

    Good morning bookworms! It’s time for the July wrap-up! So, I read 9 books in July, which was great!! The Reading Rush definitely helped as I pushed FOUR books over the line that week. Book Author Series Format Rating (/5) Cover Call It What You Want Brigid Kemmerer Paperback 4.5 Memento Amie Kaufman and Jay […]

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    March '19 wrap-up and April TBR

    Good morning bookworms! We are officially less than 9 months out from 2020. Which is not only insane, but very surreal. This year is going far too quickly!! March wrap-up So, in last month’s wrap-up I was laughing it up about having a mid-year slump… and then I had a mini slump. What are the odds?! I mean, it’s entirely…