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    April 2021 book haul

    Hello bookworms!! Welcome to the April 2021 book haul!! A monthly post where I shame myself for never achieving my goal of buying less than I read… Thankfully, April was much better than March was. And by better, I mean that there were far fewer books added to my collection!!

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    Top 5 authors I want to try

    Hello bookworms!! Happy Tuesday!! This week’s Top 5 Tuesday is top 5 authors I want to try. Today we’re talking about authors we want to try, and I’m going to talk about authors that I want to try, that I actually have the books of. Because I like to personally victimise myself. Why did I think this was a good…

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    February ’20 book haul

    Good morning bookworms!! It’s time for the monthly book haul!! And honestly, the total is OVER my ten book monthly limit, but it’s kind of not my fault…?! Book haul categories are as follows: book boxes book purchases (book mail, in-store, digital* and gifts) review copies (book mail and digital), and bookish items (book related, but not actual books). *…

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    ABC Book Challenge: S (part 1)

    Good morning bookworms! During 2019 I am participating in the ABC Book Challenge! Previous letters: A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M N | O | P | Q | R Please keep in mind that books that literally start with ‘A’, ‘An’ or ‘The’ will be posted in the group of the second word,…

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    December ’18 book haul

    HAPPY NEW YEAR BOOK NERDS!! Before we get started, I just want to say thanks for all your support last year – you guys are the greatest. Also, 2018 can go jump in a lake. Bring on 2019! (FYI, it was mostly just December that was awful, but this year will be better!!) As usual, we are splitting this into…