Sunshine Blogger Award #9

Good morning bookworms! I know today would normally be Top 5 Tuesday, but Shanah is on a mini hiatus while she has the best sounding break – so I thought, "why don't I try and catch up on some tags?!" So, the lovely Siobhan @ Siobhan's novelties tagged me in the Sunshine blogger award back in... Continue Reading →

ABC Book Challenge: M

Good morning bookworms! Quick life update: Remember how we moved house? Yeah, well I hurt my back lifting boxes, and then I ignored it, kind of hoping it would go away... A-HAHAHAHA. Life lesson for you all: Don't do that. Because of my repeated ignoring, I managed to do more damage which has resulted in... Continue Reading →

ABC Book Challenge: B

Good morning bookworms! During 2019 I am participating in the ABC Book Challenge! Previous letters: A Please keep in mind that books that literally start with 'A', 'An' or 'The' will be posted in the group of the second word, as per the A-Z Reading Challenge, and my entire movie collection. Without any further ado,... Continue Reading →

November ’18 wrap-up and December TBR

Good morning bookworms! It's December!! I can't believe another year is basically over!! November wrap-up During November I completed my Goodreads challenge!! HOORAY!! I read 11 books, and although this was a high number for me, this month was a bit less satisfactory than normal because I had some lower ratings. Book Author Series Format... Continue Reading →

September ’18 book haul

As usual, we are splitting this into three sections: book boxes, book mail (online purchases), and book purchases (in-store). However, this month I also discovered Kindle Unlimited, so I'm going to pop these into book purchases to fill this out a bit more! September book boxes So, I am starting to pare back my subscription boxes.... Continue Reading →

July ’18 book haul

ARGHHHHH! I had some real issues this month with my book boxes from June. My FairyLoot box got stolen from my front porch when it was delivered, so I thought that was the end of that, but then FairyLoot said they would send me a replacement box, so I am very happy about that (and... Continue Reading →

June ’18 book haul

Birthday month!  🎉🎁🍰🎈🥂🎊 Which means that I got a LOT of books this month. Please sit back, and enjoy the splurge… As usual, we are splitting this into three sections: book boxes, book mail, and in-store book purchases (which will also include in-person gifts this month). June book boxes So, turns out most of my book... Continue Reading →

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