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    Top 5 books with creatures on the cover

    Hello bookworms!! Welcome to Top 5 Tuesday!! This week’s topic is top 5 books with creatures on the cover. Yes, In August we are doing a ‘scavenger hunt’ type of month, where each week there is a different theme for you to pick covers by. I wanted to pick some topics that everyone can participate in this month, as I’ve…

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    2020 WRAP UP!!

    Hello bookworms!! Welcome to the 2020 wrap up!! I can’t believe we’re already in February 2021. I feel like by the time I get to doing to wrap up for this year it’ll be June 2022… BUT, we’re here now and I’m ready and raring to go. Well… maybe not ‘raring’ per se. But I’m ready. I’m also expecting this…

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    Top 5 books of 2020

    Happy Tuesday bookworms!! Today’s Top 5 Tuesday is top 5 books of 2020. Yes, it’s the penultimate post for the year and we are looking at your top 5 books of 2020!! This one is always hard for me because I always have a list of like 30 books that I loved every year, but I guess I can leave…

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    October 2020 wrap up

    Hello bookworms!! Welcome to the October 2020 wrap-up!! Yes, I am posting this 2 days before the end of November, because I have been trash this month. Like more so than usual… what the hell is even happening?! Honestly, I barely even remember what happened last week, let alone a month ago, so be prepared for a wild ride of…

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    September 2020 book haul

    Good morning bookworms!! It’s time for the September 2020 book haul!! September was slightly over my limit of 10. But only SLIGHTLY!! So, I feel like I’m getting back on track!! *cough* Book haul categories are as follows: book boxes book purchases (book mail, in-store, digital* and gifts) review copies (book mail and digital) * Not counting Kindle Unlimited

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    October 2020 TBR

    Good morning bookworms!! Welcome to my October 2020 TBR!! So… it’s been a hot minute since I’ve written a TBR, and honestly, sometimes I even wonder why I do it, when it is abundantly clear that I very rarely stick to them!! But there are still a couple of books that I want to read before the end of the…

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    Christmas book tags

    Good morning bookworms! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! (It’s Christmas in Australia, ok? Your turn will come soon!!) I was tagged in 3 Christmas themed tags in the last week, and I just could squeeze them into my schedule, so I’m swapping them out for my regular WWW Wednesday and doing them today instead! Firstly, we had the Joy of Christmas book tag…