July ’18 book haul

ARGHHHHH! I had some real issues this month with my book boxes from June. My FairyLoot box got stolen from my front porch when it was delivered, so I thought that was the end of that, but then FairyLoot said they would send me a replacement box, so I am very happy about that (and... Continue Reading →

May ’18 book haul

I did it! I got (technically) less than 10 books this month! It's a record! As usual, we are splitting this into three sections: book boxes, online purchases (book mail, and in-store book purchases. May book boxes OK, so I got my normal quota of book subscription boxes this month. Yay! (PS: if anyone knows... Continue Reading →

April ’18 book haul

You know, I genuinely thought that this month would be better than others, but I totally forgot about half of the books I ordered online (mostly preorders) and then I had two in person splurges... One day this will slow down... I mean, it has to, right?! Anyway, we are splitting this into three sections... Continue Reading →

March ’18 book haul

YAY!! Who doesn't love a good book haul?! I mean, apart from my bank account... Anyway, we are splitting this into three sections because I (once again) bought too many books... oops?! March book boxes OK, so I got my normal large quota of books this month, but we're starting with subscriptions. Yay! OwlCrate's March... Continue Reading →

January ’18 book haul

Hey team! So I've been meaning to start this for a while now, but you know, life happens and disrupts all your plans, but I feel like the new year is great time to get on top of these things, so January here we are! This month was slightly insane in terms of a book... Continue Reading →


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