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Sunshine Blogger Award #1

I’d like to thank the lovely and very sweet Nicole at The Bookworm Drinketh who nominated me for this. Particularly since my blogging has been very sporadic until this year ??

If you’re not aware of Nicole’s blog, please go check it out because it’s a) amazing, and b) has drink recipes with EVERY BOOK REVIEW. Basically she’s my hero!

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.
  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
  • List the rules and display the sunshine blogger award logo in your post/or on your blog.

So, my questions from Nicole are:

1. What are 5 words of phrases that make you laugh?

  • ‘My inner goddess…’ because I genuinely can’t believe that series got published, then became super famous, then was turned into movies, and now James is like a billionaire or something ridiculous. (This is more cringe-laughing…)
  • ‘Pickle Rick!’ because I love Rick and Morty and that was probs my fave episode of the last season. (Also, to get it right you need to basically shout it and mush the words together…)
  • ‘Sweet Crispy Jesus’ because Emily McGovern is just hilarious.
  • ‘Penis’ or any variation of it because I am 8.
  • Ummmm, it’s really hard to come up with 5! Probably “Do you think they should make iPhones for babies? Cos I do!” if you have no idea what what that’s from, please go watch Medieval Land Fun Time World.

2. What are 5 ways to win your heart?

  • Make me laugh.
  • Bring me chocolate, tea and a good book – then leave me alone.
  • Be a total nerd with me and let me tell you about ALL the little hidden Easter eggs in that 3 hour long extended version of Marvel film that I also made you watch 3 times at the cinema and then bought on Blu-Ray as soon as it came out and made you sit through again, even though you heard all about them after the first, second and third time you saw the movie with me.
  • Dance with me.
  • Be my husband… cos’ he’s pretty awesome.

3. What is something you’ve always thought “What if…?” about?

  • What if… I opened my own bookstore cafe with board game and trivia nights, kids reading programs (after school and holidays), a small all abilities playground, an independent publishing company that specialises in diverse books, a subscription book box (with book only and non-book versions), and writing space for writers/authors. Because THAT is the dream!

4. What are 5 of you pet peeves?

  • Spitting. Gross.
  • Not putting nail clippings in the bin. Vomit.
  • An untidy work space.
  • Chewing gum.
  • Ummmm… when Australia Post returns parcels I spent a lot of money sending overseas!

5. If you could trade lives with anyone for one day, who would it be, and why?

  • Jay Kristoff… because I want to know how the Nevernight Chronicle ends!!! And I don’t want to wait! ???

6. What is the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?

  • Ummm… crocodile? Or Emu!

7. What is your favourite joke?

  • Ummm, this is embarrassing… Also, you need to say it out loud to fully appreciate how bad it is.
    Q: How do you catch a unique rabbit?
    A: You ‘neak up on it.
    Q: How do you catch a tame rabbit?
    A: Tame thing, you ‘neak up on it…

8. Where would you go if you were invisible?

  • OK, the bookish answer is to Holly Black’s house to read all her notes on The Folk of the Air series so I can relieve my aching heart of knowing what happens with Cardan and Jude.
    The non-bookish answer is the White House so I can punch Trump in the face.

9. What is one thing you own that you wish you didn’t?

  • I’ve probably spent a lot of money on some really disappointing things… there were a couple of ‘not-worth-it’ book boxes I’ve bought (but I’m not naming names)!

10. What is a weird habit that you have?

  • If my tea goes cold, I’m more likely to zap it in the microwave than make a new one… which is actually kind of gross!

11. What is the longest word you know?

  • Antidisestablishmentarianism. And I can spell it! (Not that you can tell…)

OK, I am tagging the following:

And finally, your questions are:

  1. What’s the story behind the name of your blog?
  2. Which fictional character do you think would be the most boring to meet in real life?
  3. What’s a body part that you wouldn’t mind losing?
  4. What inanimate object do you wish you could eliminate from existence?
  5. What animal would you want to scale up to the size of a horse?
  6. If you were arrested with no explanation, what would your friends and family assume you had done?
  7. In one sentence, how would you sum up the internet?
  8. What movie can you watch over and over without ever getting tired of?
  9. What social stigma do you think society needs to get over?
  10. What’s the most expensive thing you’ve broken?
  11. What is your version of THE DREAM?

OK, and GO!


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