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Ringing in the New Year Book Tag

Good morning bookworms!

Right! I’m here to start the new year off with a bang! And what better way to do it, than to steal some tags that are about a year old, and recreate them and send them back out into the world? (No, but seriously, this was waaaaaay easier than creating my own tag.) So, we’re rebranding an end of 2017 tag as a start of 2019 tag. HOORAY!


  • Link to the person who tagged you (umm, no one)
  • Link to the creator of the tag (Bookmark Chronicles)
  • Answer the questions below (check)
  • Tag friends (or not if you don’t feel like it)


Best book and/or series that you’ve read in 2018?

AGH… So many good books!! I’ve already given you a top 10, so here’s my top 3 (again).

  1. The Scorpio Races – Maggie Stiefvater
  2. The Cruel Prince – Holly Black
  3. Gemina – Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

Authors that you’ve recently found and would like to read more of in the new year?

OK, new authors to me in 2018 (that are now auto-buy) are:

  • Adam Silvera
  • Holly Black
  • C. G. Drews
  • Kristen Ciccarelli
  • Marie Lu
  • Ibi Zoboi
  • Megan Shepherd
  • Leslye Walton
  • D. E. Night

Most anticipated book turned movie/tv show?

To be completely honest, I usually hate adaptations. But to be fair, it’s not just book to movie adaptations – I also hate anime to live action adaptations as well (I’m pretending that The Last Airbender was never made). The only ones I’ve recently enjoyed are Love Simon and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, and they both still had their flaws. Also, I HATED Shadowhunters (seriously, I was happy it was cancelled and I only found out because of all the rage on Instagram). There’s nothing I hate more than when a TV studio dramatically changes the plot of a series because “there won’t be surprises if we keep it the same”. Umm, duh! Romeo and Juliet ends the exact same way every time you recreate it. That’s the whole point. STOP CHANGING THE PLOT.

In saying that, I am mildly curious to see The Raven Boys adaptation, but only because Maggie Stiefvater is involved as a scriptwriter. I also have zero idea when it comes out, and when that does happen, whether us poor plebs in Australia will ever get to see it. (But just quietly, speaking of TV shows, I am super excited to see the new Veronica Mars episodes!! Even if we don’t get Hulu in Aus. Also, Game of Thrones finale this year!!!)

Name a character that you wouldn’t mind sharing a kiss with at midnight (if there is one)?

Mia Corvere (provided one can guarantee that I won’t get stabbed in the kidney at the same time)

What’s on you TBR for 2019?

Ok, some of my most anticipated releases for 2019 are:

  • Darkdawn – Jay Kristoff
  • The Wicked King – Holly Black
  • Wayward Son – Rainbow Rowell
  • Midnight Beauties – Megan Shepherd
  • The Boy Who Steals Houses – C. G. Drews

Also, basically anything on my backlist would be good.

How many books do you hope to read in 2019?

So every year (since 2015) I try and challenge myself to read more than the previous year, so I usually up my Goodreads goal by 10 books, but if I beat the previous year by more than 10 then I up the next goal by 20. In 2018 my goal was 70 books, and I read 91. Therefore my goal for 2019 is 90 books. *phew*

Will you participate in the Goodreads Reading Challenge or any others?

Why yes, I will be. This year I am participating (competing) in several challenges! Probably too many! More on that later…

Any New Year’s Resolutions?

  • Read more classics (I’m pretty sure I say this every year though)
  • Read more from my backlist
  • Buy fewer books
  • Post reviews quicker
  • Keep to my blogging schedule
  • Actually be on Netgalley (as opposed to just having an account)
  • Post more consistently on instagram

And then there’s the life ones, like “buy a house, upgrade your car, lose weight, have a baby, get a less stressful job, take up drawing again, cook more, concentrate on your wellbeing” etc. That’s not me mocking either, they are all genuinely on my To-Do list for 2019.


Because I’m bringing this tag back, I’m actually going to tag people. People who haven’t done this (in the last 12 months…. as far as I can tell). Also, no pressure if you don’t want to.

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Until next time, happy reading! ??

Mini life update: So you know how I have that GIANT list of unread physical backlist books? And then so far this year I haven’t read anything from it, because WHY WOULD I WHEN I COULD READ NEW BOOKS OR EBOOKS? Wellllllllll, I may have bought an additional 6 books yesterday morning that need to be added to it. WHYYYYYY do I do this to myself???

In other (absolutely unrelated) news, I FINALLY found copies of Nora Sakavic’s trilogy All For the Game which I have been desperado to read for ages, but it’s SO DIFFICULT TO FIND!! *cough* this may not be all that unrelated *cough*


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