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Off Tangent Thoughts… while writing book reviews

Good morning bookworms!
Sorry I’m late!! I spent all day yesterday finishing the secret beta read, and messaging with the authors, and stayed up way too late! Then this morning I slept in, and woke up in time to watch NY Excelsior (my babies – yes, I picked them because Gansey’s catchphrase is ‘Excelsior’) get beaten by Vancouver in the Overwatch League stage 2 semi-finals and now I am so sad! ??
So today we are doing something slightly different. Charvi @ Not Just Fiction has started a series called Off Tangent Thoughts (OTT), and this fortnight’s topic is thoughts I have while writing book reviews.
… and I’m apologising in advance for the unfiltered rubbish you are about to read… This is basically my life, whether it’s book reviews, tags, challenges, etc. Also occasionally work stuff when I work from home (but without the Netflix/YouTube line)…

  • Yes, book reviews… must write one (or two) for this week
  • Maybe I’ll just check my notifications first
  • Oooh, must reply to comments
  • OK! Now to start!
  • Have I done my banner? No? OK
  • *opens iStudio to make banner*
  • Ahh, I don’t have a picture of the book cover!
  • *opens Goodreads…*
  • *gets distracted and spends 2 hours catching up on Goodreads…*
  • What was I doing again? Oh yeah…
  • *opens browser to WordPress and opens new blog post*
  • *copies standard Book Review intro formatting from Notes to post*
  • *starts to update links – clicks on book depository for book link*
  • Oooh, new books!!
  • *gets distracted adding books to wishlist*
  • HUSBAND! I need more books.
  • *husband looks dubious* No you don’t.
  • Shhhhh…. just one!
  • *husband frowns* aren’t you writing a book review?
  • Oh yeah! *wanders back to computer*
  • *stares at screen*
  • *waddles off to kitchen to make a cup of tea*
  • *comes back to cat sitting on chair*
  • *makes shooing motion at cat*
  • *cat ignores hooman*
  • *pushes cat (gently) off chair*
  • *cat jumps on desk and sits on keyboard instead*
  • *growls at cat*
  • *cat purrs and headbutts hooman*
  • Nawwwwww!!!
  • *allows cat to sit in lap, but now can’t reach keyboard*
  • *sets up Netflix/Youtube instead*
  • *several hours go by*
  • *cat wanders off to find other hooman/food*
  • HUSBAND! I’m hungry.
  • *husband ignores wife*
  • *goes gets snack/leftovers from fridge/cupboard*
  • *makes another tea*
  • *comes back to computer and writes random thoughts, probably unrelated to book*
  • Where are my prompts?
  • *copies prompts from Notes to blog post*
  • Why do I have so many Notes? I should consolidate.
  • *does not consolidate*
  • *checks Discord*
  • ?birb
  • *clicks back on blog post*
  • *uploads banner, checks links, edits post into some semblance of order*
  • *checks multiple spreadsheets to mark off beat-the-backlist, monthly wrap-up and if said what rating was on Goodreads/WWW Wednesday/spreadsheet/last month’s wrap-up*
  • *finds 4 different ratings*
  • *sighs*
  • *cat takes sigh as invitation and jumps onto keyboard again, deleting several paragraphs at once*
  • *puts cat on ground*
  • *cat stares and then starts bathing*
  • *rewrites book review (with prompts this time)*
  • What was that character’s name again?
  • *flicks through book*
  • *gets distracted rereading parts of book*
  • *finally finds obscure tertiary character’s names and remembers was writing book review*
  • *briefly reads over what has written and edits for spelling errors*
  • *schedules post and never looks at it again*

Wow… actually writing this out kind of hurts my soul a little (also, have yelled at cat twice already this morning). Why aren’t we better at these things?! ??
Until next time, ?birb


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