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Off Tangent Thoughts… while at a bookstore

Good morning bookworms!
Today we are doing another Off Tangent Thoughts (OTT) which was created by Charvi @ Not Just Fiction. This fortnight’s topic is thoughts I have while I’m at a bookstore.
I mean… honestly? My thoughts are basically just me screaming internally while I’m at a bookstore, but I’ll try and put some actual words to the process!!

Clip from Gilmore Girls where Rory says she's going to the bookstore.
(I’ll never be back for lunch)

  • *breathes sigh of happiness as walks through door*
  • My home… it’s calling me ?
  • *wanders aimlessly for 10 mins just breathing in the books*
  • Right brain, let’s focus. I am on a mission.
  • A mission to stare at as many books as possible until I have to leave, or the store closes.
  • *fantasises about being locked in a bookstore overnight…*
  • *fantasises about living in a bookstore forever…*
  • *most likely walks into a shelf or person or stand*
  • *remembers am on mission and heads to YA section*
  • Oooh! I’ve got that one. And that one. And that one.
  • Ooooh! New cover!!
  • *huffs that The Queen of Nothing isn’t available yet*
  • Oooooh! New book by <insert author here>!
  • Ooooooh! That’s new and pretty. I haven’t heard about it before!
  • *picks up book to read blurb*
  • Oooooooh! <Insert blogger name here> reviewed this and it looked good!
  • Ooooooooh! <Insert bookstagrammer name here> had a photo of this one!
  • *suddenly is holding 12 books and can’t carry any more*
  • *squints at titles*
  • Huh… I don’t even remember picking these up…
  • *puts 4 books down*
  • *looks sadly at books*
  • *picks them up again*
  • *wanders over to adult fantasy section*
  • *breathes heavily while looking at titles*
  • Gosh… I could spend so much money here!
  • *discovers has another 5 books tucked into arms and chest*
  • *shrugs and tries not to drop books*
  • *wanders to middle grade / crime / general fiction*
  • Where is the new Jessica Townsend / Janet Evanovich / Maggie Alderson?
  • *stomps foot because it’s not out yet*
  • *discovers have magically teleported back to YA*
  • Huh…
  • *drags self to counter only to discover now holding 16 books*
  • Ummm… do you have a bag… or a sale on?
  • *ducks down in front of counter to hide*

Clip of a man taking 15 books off a shelf at a bookstore.
Me at a bookstore…


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