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Off Tangent Thoughts… when someone reads a book I love

Good evening bookworms!
I somehow forgot today was Sunday, so I didn’t schedule this post (also I am so tired from travel and packing)!! Today, albeit later than usual, we are doing another Off Tangent Thoughts (OTT) which was created by Charvi @ Not Just Fiction. This fortnight’s topic is thoughts I have when someone reads a book I love.
I was going to split this one into two: thoughts I have if I recommended it, and thoughts I have if they randomly read it, but after I drafted them they were basically the same, so I just did one…

  • They’re reading it. They’re reading it.
  • *heavy breathing while awaiting outcome of whether they loved it or not*
  • *dies while waiting impatiently*
  • *review arrives in my inbox*
  • I’m too scared to look!! Husband – you look, did they like it?
  • *peeks through fingers*
  • They liked it! They liked it!
  • *squeeeeees*
  • *jumps up and down a couple of times*
  • *fangirls all over the keyboard with incoherent thoughts and random words*
  • *retypes comments to ensure they make sense*
  • *walks around with heart-eyes for a week grinning to self like an idiot*


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