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Off Tangent Thoughts… when someone interrupts my reading

Good morning bookworms!
Today we are doing another Off Tangent Thoughts (OTT) which was created by Charvi @ Not Just Fiction. This fortnight’s topic is thoughts I have when someone interrupts my reading.
I need to start this one with a disclaimer… 99% of the time my reading is interrupted it’s my husband. The other 1% is when I actually get to take a book to work AND read it during my lunch break… which is not very often!

  • *am reading*
  • *hears something in background*
  • *ignores and keeps reading*
  • huh… that sound is getting louder. must concentrate more on book.
  • *husband flops on couch/bed in front of me*
  • Yes. Quite adamantly.
  • *glares at husband, then continues reading*
  • *husband pokes me*
  • h: “WIIIIIIIIIIFE!! I’m hungry / bored” (I mean, really, they are interchangeable)
  • *glares at husband again*
  • m: “go get a snack / play overwatch/magic/dauntless/sea of thieves”
  • h: “but I don’t want to”
  • *sigh*
  • hunker down and keep reading. he’ll go away eventually.
  • h: “WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFE!! What are you doing?”
  • *glares at husband more*
  • m: “What does it look like I’m doing?”
  • h: “reading”
  • m: “huh… weird. it’s not like me to do something like that, is it?”
  • h: “but you’re always reading… loooooooove meeeeeeee!”
  • *pats husband on head*
  • m: “shhhh. there, there. now you’ve been loved”
  • h: “I’m not a cat”
  • *looks sideways at husband with raised eyebrow*
  • h: “ok, so I might be a cat. a human cat. with opposable thumbs”
  • m: “let me finish this chapter and then we’ll hang out”
  • *husband flops onto bed/couch further and starts watching youtube*
  • *goes back to reading book*
  • *30 minutes pass*
  • h: “how’s that chapter going?”
  • m: “they’re really long chapters”
  • h: “you always say that”
  • m: “it’s always true. and I’m a really slow reader”
  • *husband glares at me*
  • *keeps reading book*
  • *another 20 minutes pass*
  • *husband progressively turns up youtube louder and louder*
  • *finishes current chapter and puts down book*
  • m: “ok, what do you need?”
  • *husband has fallen asleep with youtube on*
  • *takes phone, turns youtube down, picks up book again*
  • i win this round, sucker
  • *continues reading*

Ummm, so it turns out that I’m not really a nice person?! ? Sorry husband!! There’s usually more cats in this, but I tend to just ignore them unless they try to eat my book… (there are actual cat teeth marks in the cover of Gemina)
Sorry I missed yesterday – we ended up packing the ENTIRE STUDY… which may or may not have included sixteen boxes of my books. To be fair, there are actually about 19 boxes of books in total, but the other three are uni texts we want to keep, work publications, piano and guitar sheet music, and a bunch of my sketchbooks… The other 16 are definitely my books though. ?
Until next time, happy reading ??


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