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Off Tangent Thoughts… during read-a-thons

Good morning bookworms!
Today we are doing another Off Tangent Thoughts (OTT) which was created by Charvi @ Not Just Fiction. This fortnight’s topic is thoughts I have during read-a-thons.
I LOVE read-a-thons. I love getting a list of prompts and finding books that work for them. I’m just really bad at the execution of them… because… I am a mood reader. ?

Gif of Sheldon from Big Bang Theory pretending to read a book, but secretly reading a comic book instead.
… me during all read-a-thons…

  • OMG! A read-a-thon!
  • *cue internal SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!*
  • *pores over list of prompts*
  • *runs around room finding books that match each prompt*
  • *opens giant ‘BOOKS’ spreadsheet*
  • *creates new tab*
  • *puts all prompts and intending to read books into new tab*
  • *drafts blog post and commits to reading said books*
  • *bounces up and down as read-a-thon doesn’t start for two more days*
  • *starts a different book to fill in time*
  • — Read-a-thon starts —
  • *puts other book down halfway through*
  • Ooooh, where shall I start?!
  • *pores over intending to read list*
  • Huh… I don’t want to read any of these…
  • *looks over bookcases to find another book to fit prompt*
  • Uhhhhh… maybe I’ll just finish the other book first.
  • *picks up other book to finish*
  • *finishes book*
  • Now what?
  • *does some blog hopping*
  • Oooh, that book looks good!
  • *finds book either on shelves or on kindle store*
  • *reads random book*
  • *totally forgets about read-a-thon and just reads random books for the remaining time*
  • *starts seeing wrap-up posts on people’s blogs*
  • OHHHH SH*T!!!!
  • *finds spreadsheet tab*
  • *randomly retrofits books read to prompts*
  • Uhhh, that … kind of …. works??
  • *posts wrap-up post*
  • AH-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I will NEVER do that again!!
  • *sees new read-a-thon*
  • OMG! A read-a-thon!!
  • *cue internal SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!*

As you can see, my life is one perpetual cycle!! ?


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