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November ’19 wrap up and December TBR

Good morning bookworms! It’s time for the November wrap-up!

During November I read a very reasonable 10 books. Honestly it feels like that long ago I can barely remember it… but we are almost nearly halfway through December, so I imagine that it did happen!





Rating (/5)


Against the Rules Laura Heffernan Gamer Girls #2 eBook

via Netgalley


Against the Rules
Make Your Move Laura Heffernan Gamer Girls #3 eBook

via Netgalley


Make Your Move
Serpent & Dove Shelby Mahurin Serpent & Dove #1 Hardcover


Serpent and Dove
The Last of August Brittany Cavallaro Charlotte Holmes #2 Paperback


The Last of August
Twisted 26 Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum #26 Paperback


Twisted 26
Bloom Kevin Panetta Graphic Novel / Paperback


Stargazing Jen Wang Graphic Novel / Paperback


The Queen of Nothing Holly Black The Folk of the Air #3 Paperback 5 The Queen of Nothing
The Sky Weaver Kristen Ciccarelli Iskari #3 Hardcover 5 The Sky Weaver
The Case for Jamie Brittany Cavallaro Charlotte Holmes #3 Paperback 4 The Case for Jamie


If I start screaming about how The Queen of Nothing was my favourite book of the year month, can you just pretend to look a little bit surprised, and just let me scream into the abyss? Yes? Thanks, good. Words? Nah.

Uhhh… so, I’m basically just reading romance this month, as seen on Wednesday’s WWW post… Oh, and DB and I are finally going to buddy read Red Glove by Holly Black. Maybe even Black Heart! (Although, let’s not get too crazy…)

Honestly…? I don’t even know what I had for breakfast, let alone what I posted last month… I mean, I think I did another Overwatch recommendations post… Number 3?

I think it might have been a pretty quiet month. I did travel a bit…

I am catching up on blog-hopping, and have been all month, really. Some of these posts are from October; however, I loved them a lot during November, so please indulge me!! These are some of my faves that I saw:

  • Veronika @ Wordy Whimsical talked about hyped books on her TBR that she hasn’t read yet and why. Honestly this post just really spoke to me because I not only had some of the same books, but so many others on my TBR that are hyped that I just haven’t read yet.
  • Shealea @ Shut Up Shealea wrote a post about the discrimination in the Goodreads Awards, and it’s so true. Diverse authors are too underrepresented in all of the categories, and it’s shameful.
  • The Orangutan Librarian wrote a list of 11 amazing fantasy books for you all to read when the nights start getting cooler… (I think the dragons are here for the summer though, for which I apologise)
  • Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane wrote a list of her favourite YA books, and it’s such an amazing list!!

Also, I found a few more people who did my prompts for Bookending Autumn, and I wanted to share them with you!

I think the SPL tag is still going around (which I am so confused by but also warmly loving) so, I can make this a regular feature if you guys want?!

November… what the hell happened in November? Also, why don’t I take notes during the month?!

I went to four book events in Canberra during November. There was:

  • the Garth Nix Angel Mage launch at Harry Hartog’s
  • the Maria Lewis, Daniel O’Malley *squeeeeeee* and Kaaron Warren event to launch Maria’s new book The Wailing Woman (but, I mean, I was 85% there for Daniel and I FINALLY have a signed copy of The Rook), also at Harry Hartog’s, and
  • two huge book sales, one at Harry Hartog’s and one at Dymocks.

What else? Oh, we’ve been eating a LOT of frozen custard. It’s definitely summer here at the moment. And fire season. Please have a thought for lots of Aussie’s who are homeless in the lead up to Christmas, and also lots of wildlife. I heard some crazy fact* that almost 1,000,000 koalas have been killed, injured or lost their habitat due to the fires in Australia already this year. And this is just the start of our hot season.

* I have no idea if this is true, but it sounds awful.

What did you do in November?


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