Not so crash hot…

So I haven’t been feeling particularly well over the last couple of weeks.  I think I hide it pretty well at work, but the last week in particular has been a bit hard.  I’ve worked from home for an afternoon and we were off-site one day anyway.

My Wonder Woman t-shirt always makes me feel a bit better

I had my latest treatment at the hospital on Friday morning.  My doctor has changed my schedule from receiving the infliximab infusion from every eight weeks to every six weeks.  Recent blood tests have shown that the medication isn’t staying in my blood or body long enough to cover my time in between doses.  It was either bring them closer together or go back onto the steroids (and I don’t want to do that again).

I think I mentioned before that the infliximab infusions tire me out.  The nurses have started doing them over an hour, instead of the previous two hours, so that I’m there less time.  Although, this week we had to wait for the pharmacy to bring up the medicine and then the poor volunteer lunch lady collapsed (she’s ok thank goodness) so I think I was there for longer than I usually am.

Fluffy snuggles

Afterwards I came home and napped some of the afternoon away, but then we had to get up as we’d had plans booked for that night from months ago (and I was not going to miss Book of Mormon despite the tiredness, achey pains and nausea).

I also had a nap buddy which always makes me feel a little bit better.  Although, he is a total bed hog.

I’ve also discovered a small patch of baldness at the top of my head, which is really annoying.  I suffer from alopecia anyway, and we always knew that the medications I am on could cause hair loss, but it’s just bad timing as we have finally sent out the ‘save the dates’ for our wedding.  Fingers crossed that no more hair falls out and this patch grows back quickly.

Anyway, life could be worse so I shouldn’t complain.  I’m just back to watching my diet very carefully and monitoring myself for symptoms of a colitis flare.  I’m also watching for signs of other illnesses now as the second last time I had a treatment I woke up two days later with chicken pox (no, I’d never had it as a child).  Also, I am terrible at taking my tablets so now I have a reminder with alarm set so I don’t forget.  Which actually still means that I usually forget to take the slippery elm herb capsules before I eat… they are pointless once you have consumed food!

Show stealer…

For laughs, I’ve added another shot of the Fluff-meister as he kept stealing the limelight when I was trying to take selfies with him after I woke up from a nap on Friday afternoon…


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