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NCIS LA book tag

Good morning bookworms!

Well, we’re less than a week from Christmas and this year has just FLOWN by. I’m so ridiculously behind on tags at the moment that I think I’m going to have to schedule a day of the week for them for catching up next year!!

However, today’s tag is brought to us by the amazing Clo @ Cuppa Clo. Clo and I both love NCIS LA and when she said she was creating a tag for it, I basically squeeeeeed with joy, jumped up and down, and waved my hand so she would tag me. Yes, even though I have about 60,000 other tags to do.

Callen – A Mysterious Character Who You’d Like To Get To Know Better

Shadow and Bone

OK, so this is kind of a contradiction of everything I’ve ever said about him (*surprise*), but I want to understand The Darkling better. I guess I’m just kind of curious as to what it is that makes everyone else love him when I think he’s a delusional psychopath. I’m guessing this will happen when I finish the books (eventually), but yeah, I want to know why all the fans love him.

Sam – A Character You Can Depend On In An Apocalypse

The Hunger Games

Uhhh… probably Katniss? Sure, she’s probably got PTSD and what not, but she can shoot and she would have some survival skills… she could probably come up with a relatively good strategy.

And Peeta and Hamich come as part of the package deal, right?! So long as we keep H in booze then we’re golden! What else could go wrong? (Please don’t answer this!!)

Deeks – A Fluffy Contemporary Set By The Beach

The Gentleman's Guide to Getting Lucky

Oooh, I feel like I’ve read a bunch of these this year, but when I think back on them there doesn’t seem to be much ‘fluffy’, and quite a lot of emotional turmoil…

Oooh!! The Gentleman’s Guide to Getting Lucky by Mackenzi Lee! This is the novella that follows the story of Monty and Percy. I believe it’s even set before The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy (which I will be reading next year)! Deeks and Monty are actually a pretty good comparison too…

Kensi – A Book With Badass Female Characters

A Curse So Dark and Lonely

There’s just so many of these lately!! I’m going with Harper from A Curse So Dark and Lonely. I’ve been thinking about this book a lot lately. My ARC of A Heart So Fierce and Broken is in the post, so it’s about to be very close to reading time.

The beauty of the comparison with Harper is that Kensi has some tragically awful stuff happen to her, but she’s got that same fighting spirit that Harper does, which is way more badass than being able to handle weapons and kick box (which is still badass)!

Eric – A Character Who Is An Essential Part Of A Team

Grim Lovelies

Definitely Anouk from Megan Shepherd’s Grim Lovelies. Anouk’s team is her little found family, and there’s nothing she wouldn’t do for them. There’s also no way that she plans anything without them either – everyone has an important part to play in each part of her journey. However, Anouk is the one who brings them all together and gives them a common goal and the drive to make it all happen.

Nell – A Character Who Is Great With Tech


Kady Grant! In fact, Kady, from the Illuminae Files, is so great with tech that I’m 98% sure the AI fell in love with her. Even though it ‘technically’ can’t feel things.

In fact, if Nell were in Kady’s place on the Kerenza, then I’m pretty sure it would have been the same story, except that Nell doesn’t have pink hair. I’m sure Ezra would still love her too!

Hetty – A Morally Grey Character Who You Adore

The Queen of Nothing

All hail Queen Jude of Faerie!

I mean, let’s be honest, when I’m talking about morally grey characters, there’s not many that make it much higher than my love for the most confused, sleep deprived, unable-to-see-the-obvious-in-front-of-her-because-she’s-too-busy-looking-for-the-thing-behind-it, stabby queen, Jude. Seriously, I just want this girl to take a nap, a breath, and go for more pizza. (Holly Black’s The Folk of the Air trilogy)

Granger – A Character/Book You Didn’t Like At First But They/It Grew On You

American Royals

Princess Sam from Katharine McGee’s American Royals. At first I was a bit ‘ooof. spoiled, bratty princess alert.’ when I was reading her sections… but over the course of the book, I really came to love and appreciate her, her style and why she is the way she is.

Sam is definitely a unique taste that won’t appeal to everyone, but anyone who has siblings who are ‘better’ than them at something (or even just has siblings), will definitely have some empathy for her.

#Densi – A Ship You Will Shriek About Until Your Lungs Give Out

A Study in Charlotte

Uhhh… I already used Jude in a prompt (and I’m trying not to be so basic that I just scream about Jardan all the time, even though that’s all I want to do)…

OK, one of my recent ships is Charlotte Holmes and Jamie Watson from the Charlotte Holmes series by Brittany Cavallaro. There’s something about them that’s raw and a little broken, but maybe they’ll help each other (if either of them let’s the other help – such stubborn kids) that is a little endearing. Also, they’re just cute.


FYI, you don’t need to have watched the show to take part in this one, as the prompts are pretty self explanatory!!


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