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Mrs Claus’ Read-a-thon

Good evening bookworms!

Welcome to another edition of “Meeghan signs herself up for more things than she can handle”… or can she? Who knows?! She can definitely stop talking about herself in the third person though…

*mh-hm* Anyway… Gorgeous Sam @ Fictionally Sam is hosting this wonderful read-a-thon, and due to the fact that I’ve been devouring romance books like they’re going out of fashion (FYI, they’re not), I thought it was appropriate that I sign up for the thing! That started this morning! Huzzah! (Also, huge shout out to Sam for being amazing and creating graphics so that lazy-pods like myself just have to sign up. ILY Sam!)

So, let’s see what the prompts tell us! Also, PLEASE RECOMMEND ME BOOKS WHERE I HAVE GAPS!! Or, tell me if I need to move books around because they don’t fit prompts… I’m literally guessing here!!

Challenge #1: Light the Fire

This one is stoking the fire of your arch nemesis and watching them burn in flames as you sprinkle cinnamon on your freshly made hot cocoa. To complete this challenge, read an Enemies-to-Lovers romance set during the winter and/or Christmas time! The steamier the better!

Meeghan will read: Pretty Reckless by L. J. Shen / ???

Challenge #2: Faking the Mistletoe

Catching feelings to your not so real significant other this holiday season? Don’t worry! We’ve got a mistletoe for that! To complete this challenge–you guessed it! Read a fake relationship/dating romance! Super bonus if it’s set during Winter and/or Christmas!

Meeghan will read: Million Dollar Devil by Katy Evans / ???

Challenge #3: Stranded Together

Car broke down? Snow Storm? Cancelled flight?Amnesia?! Whatever the case may be, to complete this challenge read a romance where the main character are… well stranded.

Meeghan will read: ???

Challenge #4: Hot Cocoa Romance

There is nothing better than a good build up of anticipation over the holiday season, new year, new gifts, new… love? To complete this challenge, read a slow burn romance! Mega bonus points if it’s set during the Christmas season.

Meeghan will read: Broken Knight by L. J. Shen / ???

Challenge #5: Coming Home

Who said only the good can get gifts this Christmas? We here at the readathon are firm believers in those second chances, so to complete this challenge read a second chance romanceBONUS: if set during the winter!

Meeghan will read: Lip Smacker by Alison G. Bailey / ???

Challenge #6: Extreme Gifting

Summer games are coming up, but let’s not forget the great winter sports! To Complete this challenge, read a sports romance that involves a winter sport (figure skating, ice hockey, skiing, sledding, snowboarding, etc.)!

Meeghan will read: The Wall of Winnipeg and Me by Mariana Zapata (because everyone I know who has read this has been screaming at me to read it for months)

Challenge #7:  Santa’s Gift

FREEBIE ALERT!!! This challenge is a gift from Mrs. Claus’ beau himself! Choose whichever book you would like to binge read this holiday season to complete this challenge!

Meeghan will read: Lake by Michelle Heard (because I already started and finished it today and it doesn’t fit any of the other prompts!!)

Ahhhh… romance… well, ’tis the season!!


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