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My Time at Portia game review

Hello friends!! Welcome to today’s video game review of My Time at Portia!!

I’m not sure why, but when Husband first recommended this game to me I was sceptical. Maybe it’s the animation style, but I bought it and then left it unplayed for almost a year. In fact, it wasn’t until after I’d started playing Animal Crossing that I actually thought about giving it a go.

And I’m even more sad that it took me so long to play, because it’s actually become one of my absolute favourite games.

If you aren’t aware, I’ve been reviewing a bunch of COZY GAMES that I play. Cozy Games are low-stress games that have little to no combat, and really don’t require any gaming expertise or knowledge. Button mash all you like. The games themselves are predominantly story driven, and are just generally cute.

If you’re interested in other cozy games I have reviewed, please click here for the Gaming reviews section on my blog.

So, let’s take a look at My Time At Portia!!

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My Time at Portia game review

My Time At Portia on Steam

Title: My Time at Portia
Developer: Pathea
Release date: January 2018
Players: 1 (single player only)
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC/Mac, iOS, Android
Genre: Dystopian, Simulation, Adventure, Indie
Steam link

My Time at Portia:

Start a new life in the enchanting town of Portia! Restore your Pa’s neglected workshop to its former glory by fulfilling commissions, growing crops, raising animals, and befriending the quirky inhabitants of this charming post-apocalyptic land!

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my thoughts

Please keep in mind, that when I say My Time at Portia is one of my favourites, it’s likely because I haven’t finished the main story. I’ve probably sunk about 100 hours into it, and every time I play it, I love it a little bit more.

In terms of gameplay, this game has the best of both worlds between games like Stardew Valley and The Legend of Zelda. Which is not a common combination as far as I am aware. But let me break it down for you.

The similarities to a game like Stardew is the story of the game. You’ve come to Portia to take over your father’s workshop. You have to build your relationships with the locals and you do this by undertaking tasks for them. But, you still mine, farm, fish, upgrade your house, etc. The basics are all there, and that in itself makes the game feel familiar.

But, the game isn’t some 2D side scrolling remake like the others. The world definitely feels more Zelda inspired. You get real cutscenes and it’s voice acted as well. There’s also the basis of the quests. There are more quests coming at you than you can poke a stick at. Some of them are time critical, and some of them aren’t ― which means you can take your time gathering items you need.

The controls on the Switch are a bit weird, and I am constantly pressing ZL instead of L and vice versa ALL the time. And it does mean you have one joystick for running and a separate one for camera angle ― which, you do get used to, and at least you aren’t trying to run from monsters while you learn.

There IS some combat in this, and you do work your way up to ‘boss fights’, but don’t let this discourage you. Because the reason that I would still call this a ‘low level fighting’ game is that combat is not difficult ― and you cannot die. I mean, you technically lose all your health points and “become unconscious”. But, there are no adverse effects to this. You don’t go back to the start of the combat. Your opponent doesn’t go back to the start of their health. In fact, you literally just ‘wake up’ a few paces from where you were and then resume fighting with all your health back. It’s the least intensive combat I’ve ever played ― you can die 10 times and still defeat the boss. Plus, it’s one button to swing a sword.

The other thing that I really love about this game is that you can romance the locals. Woo them with gifts. Take them on a date and play on the seesaw. Marry them and have them move into your workshop. (And it’s way better perks than in Stardew. You can actually get things from your marriage depending on who you marry.) AND there’s a built in rivalry too!!

Seriously though, this game is absolutely adorable, and I couldn’t recommend it more.

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Have you played My Time at Portia?

until next time, happy reading! Meeghan xo


  • Kristina

    OHH though I had it already on my list, combining it to AC & Zelda have me wanting to play even more. Don’t know why I havent yet- iguess im on a break of farming sims 🤣

    Funnily, I just picked spiritfarer back up ahah I’m so close to finish it, that I don’t know where i’m going now 😅

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