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Mini reviews: Mrs Claus’ Read-a-thon edition

Good morning bookworms!

This post is kind of a double up in terms of me reading SIX BOOKS for Sam @ Fictionally Sam’s Mrs Claus’ Readathon, AND also ticking off some mini reviews for books that I probably won’t write full reviews on. Looking for romance recommendations? Look no further!!

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As per every readathon I have ever done, I had a plan of what I was going to read for prompts. I think I did two of those… so, to begin with, here’s what I actually read!



Book I might read

Book I actually read

Light the Fire

Read an enemies-to-lovers romance set during the winter and/or Christmas time!

Pretty Reckless – L. J. Shen

Pretty Reckless – L. J. Shen

Faking the Mistletoe

Read a fake relationship/dating romance!

Million Dollar Devil – Katy Evans

The Wall of Winnipeg and Me – Mariana Zapata

Stranded Together

Read a romance where the main character are stranded!

Hot Cocoa Romance

Read a slow burn romance!

Broken Knight – L. J. Shen

Million Dollar Devil – Katy Evans

Coming Home

Read a second chance romance. BONUS: if set during the winter!

Lip Smacker – Alison G. Bailey

In the Unlikely Event – L. J. Shen

Extreme Gifting

Read a sports romance that involves a winter sport!

The Wall of Winnipeg and Me – Mariana Zapata

Pucked – Helena Hunting

Santa’s Gift


Lake – Michelle Heard

Lake – Michelle Heard

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Pretty Reckless

Goodreads link
Series: All Saints High #1
Rating:3 stars


Ok, so this was a high-school aged (but DEFINITELY NOT YA) romance. Bad boy from the poor side of town with the good girl from the rich side. Except neither is really what they seem.

There’s a whole lot of family controversy, abuse (physical, verbal, neglect and off-page rape), and teenage bullying, mixed with some smut. Honestly, the parents in this kind of annoyed me because they act just as bad as the teenagers – trying to be everyone’s friends instead of actually parenting the kids. It leads to some pretty wild behaviour.

Verdict: It was fine-good. Not sure I will continue the series though.

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The Wall of Winnipeg and Me

Goodreads link

4.5 stars

This is the story of a NFL player and his assistant who quits working for him. He basically decides he can’t function without her, and tries to get her back, but instead they end up in a fake relationship for *reasons*.

OH. MY. GOD. Why have I not read this book sooner?! It’s the best, slowest burn, fake dating, romance book I have ever read. And it’s like 650 pages. I can’t believe I read this + 5 other books in a week. AND I went to work. Also, because it’s SO slow, there’s only two very small smut scenes at the end of the story.

Verdict: BEST BOOK I READ THIS WEEK, hands down. I got it through Kindle Unlimited, but I think I’m going to buy a copy for me.

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Million Dollar Devil

Goodreads link
Series: Million Dollar Devil #1
2.5 stars

A woman trying to prove herself to her CEO father, finds a rough-edged daredevil to become the face of a million-dollar clothing line. She ‘fixes’ him, and then falls in love with him.

This was… interesting. I tend to find stories where someone needs to be ‘buffed’ or ‘polished’, or (worst case scenario) ‘fixed’ annoying. I think the actual term in this was ‘given upgrades’ and the guy basically said he wasn’t a car. Which, fair. He was also a REALLY ALPHA alpha and was trying to prove himself, but was also very ‘I’m my own man’. I was confused.

Verdict: Meh to okay. I don’t believe the ‘series’ is the same characters, so maybe I’ll read it?

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In the Unlikely Event

Goodreads link
Rating3 stars

A teen trying to make peace with her dead father falls for an Irish boy while traveling. After 24 hours together they make a pact that if they ever meet again they will be together. Eight years later in New York they do, but those eight years have caused a lot of hurt between them.

This story was really good (kind of smutty), but there were aspects of it that I really disliked, even though I kind if get why the author did it. The actual plot, from the two MC’s POVs were good. There was heartache, tension, understanding but hurt, and then reconciliation – for each time they came together. BUT, there were these weird kind of ‘extra’ POVs for side characters to explain why they caused the problem or to give a witness statement. These were what I disliked. Some of the POVs were from inanimate objects, or dead people. One was a cow. They really just seemed pointless, and I’m removing a whole star for them.

Verdict: Could have been 4 stars. But it was a nice, somewhat soppy, winter read.

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Goodreads link
Series: Pucked #1
Rating4 stars

An ice-hockey romance where the good girl falls for the bad sports boy with an AWFUL reputation.

This was great. Like, far better than I thought it would be. I really liked both, Violet and Alex, although some of the other characters left a bit to be desired. I did like that the team wasn’t made up of the most beautiful players ever, because that’s rarely the case. I thought the ‘stupid’ sports player was a little overdone. Although I’m sure it’s a real thing, but don’t most sports players go to university now? (Or college, or whatever it’s called in the US…) This was another one where the parents behaviour freaked me out… but I was less concerned because all the main players were in their 20’s.

Verdict: Good, solid sports romance. I’ll probably check out some of the rest of the series!

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I am missing one review from the list, but it’s coming!! It’s the third book in a series and I haven’t written the first two, so they’ll be out in a trilogy review!!

What’s an ARC that you’re hoping to read soon? Or one that you wish you had?!

Until next time, happy reading. Love Meegs x


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