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March '19 wrap-up and April TBR

Good morning bookworms!
We are officially less than 9 months out from 2020. Which is not only insane, but very surreal. This year is going far too quickly!!

March wrap-up

So, in last month’s wrap-up I was laughing it up about having a mid-year slump… and then I had a mini slump. What are the odds?! I mean, it’s entirely possible that I jinxed myself, but how often does that really happen?
Anyway, graphic novels have saved my butt this month, pulling me through to a total of 11 books. (At this rate I’ll not only hit my secret goal of 100, I’ll pull in somewhere around 110… I’ve never officially gone more than 20 over my GR goal. This could be so exciting!)





Rating (/5)

Emergency Contact Mary H. K. Choi Hardcover


The Boy Who Steals Houses C.G. Drews ARC


Lola and the Boy Next Door Stephanie Perkins Anna and the French Kiss (#2) Paperback


Ten Count Vol 1 Rihito Takarai Ten Count (#1) Graphic Novel


Isla and the Happily Ever After Stephanie Perkins Anna and the French Kiss (#3) Paperback


The Prince and the Dressmaker Jen Wang Graphic Novel


Check Please Vol 1 Ngozi Ukazu Check Please Graphic Novel


Ten Count Vol 2 Rihito Takarai Ten Count (#2) Graphic Novel


Ten Count Vol 3 Rihito Takarai Ten Count (#3) Graphic Novel


Ten Count Vol 4 Rihito Takarai Ten Count (#4) Graphic Novel


Back After the Break Anita Notaro Paperback


Top reads go to Emergency Contact and The Boy Who Steals Houses (reviews for both are up), with honourable mentions to The Prince and the Dressmaker, and my slump-breaker Back After the Break.

April TBR

Ok, you may have noticed I did a ‘magical read-a-thon’ TBR post the other day. This doubles up as my April TBR, so if you want to have a read, you should hover your mouse over here and do the clickies thing.

Fave posts

So, there were some pretty amazing posts out there this month. These are three of my faves that I saw:

Other in March

Some other stuff I came across this month that I really enjoyed were:

  • Sucker by the Jonas Brothers. I know, I know. BUT, I never really listened to them when they were around the first time so I was staying away this time. But I heard it and now I am addicted.
  • I also finally listened to the entire Reputation album by Taylor Swift (seriously, you’d never know that I normally listen to FOB, MCR, Mayday Parade and Karnivool on a regular basis). Anyway, I discovered New Year’s Day, and I am OBSESSED. I don’t even know why. I think I’m getting soft in my old age.
  • As you may have noticed, I was home sick for a couple of days… or a week. And during this time, I binge watched a lot of Veronica Mars reruns. I’ve only got about 10 episodes to go, plus the movie and I might even reread the two books – all to get me totally up to speed for the ANNOUNCEMENT of the show’s return. If you’ve never watched it before, but you like Jessica Jones, I recommend giving this a go. I mean, Veronica doesn’t have superpowers, but she’s badass, great with a camera, and there’s a couple of episodes with Krysten Ritter too. (Also some mad love triangles – I am #teamlogan all the way.)

Until next time, happy reading! ??


    • Meeghan reads

      Blegh – slumps ARE the worst!! I just wasn’t feeling it, but it definitely could have been attributed to being sick a couple of weeks ago. Anyway, it seems to be fixed now, so that’s good news!!

  • Cailin @ Rose Petal Pages

    It’s so amazing that you managed to read so much when you were in a slump, even if they were graphic novels! Audiobooks are definitely saving my reading goal since I’m not physically reading as much at the moment. I hope we both get through our tbrs for April, happy reading!

    • Meeghan reads

      Thanks Cailin!! I want to love audiobooks so much, but I get so distracted when I listen to them – I like to pretend I’m a multitasker, but I’m really a failure at it all!! ?
      Good luck with your TBR too!! ?

  • Marie

    EMERGENCY CONTACT AHHH. Sorry I had to scream, I just love this book too much for words haha. I can’t wait to read The Boy Who Steals Houses, I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed it so much 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing my post! So happy you enjoyed it. And… I’m also obsessed with the Jonas Brothers’ new song, you’re not alone ?.
    I hope you’ll have a lovely april! 🙂

    • Meeghan reads

      Thanks Marie!!!! Emergency Contact was everything I didn’t even know I needed in a book!!!! TBWSH was also a highly anticipated read for this year and it did not disappoint!!! All so good. (My recommendation is to have a lot of caramel and/or brownies on hand when you read because this book makes you crave them!!) xx

  • Sarah

    I’ve never seen Veronica Mars but know plenty of people who loved it, so maybe I’ll give it a shot! Especially after your Jessica Jones comparison. 🙂

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