LitJoy Batman: Nightwalker unboxing

So I’ve been mucking around with iMovie this morning editing my unboxing video I took for the LitJoy crate. I did upload this one to Instagram, but apparently they hate videos longer than 60 seconds, so I deleted it and redid it all fast so it fit! So, this is the slightly longer one that I put on YouTube. It’s my first ever #booktube video, and it sucks a lot, but you know, first go, etc. etc.


Included in the box is:

🦇 Bat signal projector pen (it’s so cool the husband stole it…)
🦇 Batman double layered candle by A Court of Candles which smells delicious!
🦇 Crane origami necklace (which is awesome because I actually have crane origami earrings!!)
🦇 Batman bottle opened key ring (also stolen by the hubs…)
🦇 Nail polish is a sweet dark glittery purple colour 💜
🦇 Batman buttons that say: Rule Breaker and Arkham Asylum Inmate
🦇 Batman quote zipper pouch (hubs stole this too!)
🦇 Art print by one of my faves Arzzz 😍
🦇 Batman: Nightwalker by Marie Lu which I am sooooo excited to read!!!

So, be kind, give me tips and let me know what you think!

Happy reading!

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