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Life update – mini hiatus

Good afternoon bookworms

This is just a very small post to say that … well, I’m tired! I had all of these grand plans to start 2020 off with a bang, but between the crazy insane hot weather here, the threat of bushfires, and the smoke, I’m feeling a bit stressed at the moment.

Gif of a dog sitting in a chair drinking coffee saying "this is fine" while his house burns around him.
Me, up until today…

On top if all of this, I didn’t have the break I normally take over Christmas/New Year’s from work – it’s coming later this month – and we also had my brother’s wedding… outside… on my mum’s farm… on one of the hottest days of the year (42ºC / 107.6º F)… with extreme fire warnings all day. It’s been a month (and we’re not even halfway through).

Suffice to say, January hasn’t really been pleasant, and I haven’t really been reading all that much either. (Huge slump I am trying to crawl out of!!)

So, I’m giving myself a break, and I’m going to take the rest of January off. It’s not long, there’s really less than 3 weeks left anyway, and I will be back (hopefully) better than ever on 1 February.

That’s not to say I won’t be around. I’ve already scheduled the three Top 5 Tuesday prompts for January, and I will be catching up on blog-hopping and commenting all over your posts. There’s also a couple of things I need to do admin wise on here, so you may notice some changes behind the scenes!!

That’s really all I’ve got – sending good vibes that all your January’s are going better than mine!! And who knows, maybe I’ll feel amazing after a week off and be back early!! ?


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