Mullumbimby, NSW

I’ve been relatively quiet this week – I’ve been on holidays with family.  I’ve used the time to catch up on some books, catch up with family, and just relax.  Relaxing includes swimming in the ocean, getting a massage, shopping, drinking, napping, and of course, reading.  Being an Aussie, there was some cricket involved as well.

We’ve been staying in a little (four bedroom) cottage in a town called Mullumbimby.  For those of you not entirely sure where this is, I’ve included a handy little map reference for you here (map link).

While not exactly on the coast itself, we are a 10 minute drive to Brunswick Heads where all of our swimming is done.  Mullumbimby itself has a pool, but there’s nothing quite like swimming in the Pacific Ocean (I highly recommend this to everyone).

Mullum (as the locals call it), is a quaint little seaside town, without the actual seaside.  The local stores are filled with a range of organic, vegan-friendly, natural fibre, hand made goods.  My partner has decided that he will only wear cheesecloth shirts from now on (this will likely last until we get home and the weather drops about 10°C).

There are quite a few cafes, restaurants and pubs around.  I can recommend some from our short time here:

  • Milk and Honey for pizzas
  • Punch and Daisy cafe for food and coffee
  • Made from Scratch Patisserie for breakfast pastries
  • Poinciana Cafe for the adventurous diners (we had pork belly with crickets)
  • The Mullum Farmers Market (only open Friday mornings) for all your local produce
  • Mullumbimby Chocolate Shop for all the treats you want to take home

Relatively close to Byron Bay, we took some day trips around and visited Federal (great Japanese style cafe here), Bangalow and Hastings Point.  Brunswick Heads was a clear favourite for everyone as we made daily (and sometimes twice daily) trips there for swimming, followed by coffee.

The weather was absolutely smashing, and didn’t drop below 28°C our entire week.  This made sleeping a little rough some nights, but there were a lot of fans in our accommodation.  Fortunately for my parents-in-law the majority of the town is dog-friendly as well.

And speaking of animals, the wildlife here is insane.  One morning on our way back from swimming there was a goanna above us in the trees – it would have been about as long as I am tall (I’m about 5’2″)…


As always, the holiday ended far too soon, but it was really very nice.  I look forward to coming back here in the future!

I am not a heavy photographer, but my partner is making a video from our adventure (he got a GoPro from Christmas), so I will let you know when it is up on YouTube 🙂

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