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December 2021 TBR

Hello bookworms!! Welcome to the December 2021 TBR post.

I know what you’re thinking (maybe). Why even bother to write a TBR if I never stick to it?? I used to ask myself this ALL the time. Except, I kind of almost stuck to it in November. Trust me, I am just as surprised as you.

Is it possible I am turning over a new leaf just in time for the new year? Has my brain finally registered that it’s 2021, now that we’re about to be 2022? Am I just asking rhetorical questions to pad out a blog post? Will we ever know?!!

Probably not. But before I take us down the long and winding path of more unanswered questions, let’s take  a moment to look at the possible books that I might read in December!!

December 2021 TBR

challenge books

So, I don’t have a specific challenge that I have signed up for December. BUT, this is my last opportunity to catch up on annual challenges that I was originally doing this year. Do I remember what they were? No. But now is the time to trawl back through my old posts and find out.

Which… is apparently none. 😂 Oh wow. Past Meeghan really didn’t do much this year!! I can definitely say that I always aim to do the Alphabet Reading Challenge each year though, so let’s start there.

I have marked off letters that I have completed in the table below as well as added cover images for TBR picks. I’m also going to invoke the X and Z clause, which means I can pick any book with an X or Z in the title. (I have technically read a book with X in the title already this year. But Six of Crows was a reread so I’m adding to the TBR instead.)

Read or Cover
A Act Your Age, Eve Brown Talia Hibbert
B Beach Read Emily Henry
C Conventionally Yours Annabeth Albert
D Door of Bruises Sierra Simone
E (An) Echo in the Sorrow Hailey Turner
F Fable Adrienne Young
G Game On: Tempting Twenty-Eight Janet Evanovich
H (The) Heart Principle Helen Hoang
I Ilahara: The Last Myrassar C. M. Karys
J Jay’s Gay Agenda Jason June Jay's Gay Agenda by Jason June
K King of Scars Leigh Bardugo
L Lakesedge Lyndall Clipstone
M Muffintop Avery Flynn
N Namesake Adrienne Young
O Of Princes and Promises Sandhya Menon
P Perfect on Paper Sophie Gonzales
Q Queenie Candice Carty-Williams Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams
R Rosaline Palmer Takes the Cake Alexis Hall
S Second First Impressions Sally Thorne
T Tokyo Ever After Emiko Jean
U (The) Unexpected Everything Morgan Matson The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson
V (A) Vow So Bold and Deadly Brigid Kemmerer
W War Laura Thalassa
X The Ex Hex Erin Sterling The Ex Hex by Erin Sterling
Y You Deserve Each Other Sarah Hogle
Z The City of Zirdai Maria V. Snyder The City of Zirdai by Maria V Snyder

So… it turns out that I have done better this year than previous years, without even TRYING. Which, honestly, is shameful. For the other years.

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What are you planning to read in December?

until next time, happy reading! Meeghan xo


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