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Consolidated 2019 book challenges list

Good morning bookworms!

AKJSHFANLTPWO!! WHAT HAVE I DONE?? To quote my fave superhero, I’ve “screwed the pooch”…

Tony Stark shrugging

Unfortunately, I don’t think I’m going to be offered a spot with the Avengers for it… Which is SUCH a shame, because I have the best mild superpower ever!! I… (get ready for this)… have A PARKING FAIRY. Do you know what a parking fairy is? It’s exactly what it sounds like. I have a tiny fairy that basically guarantees me a car space right out the front of where I want to go. It’s magic. I can drive into a car park that is almost full, and right near where I want to go a car will be pulling out of a space a very high percentage of the time. The Avengers could park those quinjets anywhere they wanted to. (Personally I think it works more on belief that it will work – when my husband is with me it only works about 50% of the time because he is a non-believer. SHUN THE NON-BELIEVER!)

Well… that spiraled out of control far quicker than usual… Back to the topic!

I have signed up to a LOT of challenges for 2019. And by that I mean, a lot more than I usually do… which last year, was TWO. This year I have quadrupled that and I’m starting to feel the heat. (Which is bad… because we’re only like 13 days in and there’s still a good 350-odd days left?!)

OK, so let’s recap what I’ve dobbed myself in for:


I’ve signed up for 90 books this year. Right this second I have already read 5, so let’s say we’re happy with this number. (Although please keep in mind that I am on holidays and there is no way I can maintain this when I go back to work, so I’m looking at it as my boost/head start for the year!)

NEWTs Read-a-thon

Hmmm, of the potential 30 books that I could read by the end of Jan, I’m currently sitting at … actually, I have no idea as I haven’t looked at the prompts since I did the post. One of them is about having the word ‘Sky’ in the title. Let’s take a stab and say this one is not going well (and will also end the quickest)… Should probs work on this one!

Beat the Backlist

Yes. OK, I’ve signed up on Goodreads and created my shelf. I’ve set my number of backlist to read books at 50. I have read 1. I am kind of still on track? However, I never added my ebook titles on my kindle account to my backlist list, so if I did that, then I could add 2 more titles. *Holy crap I don’t want to go through my iPad…* Did I have to list all titles before 2019 started? Can the books I just bought go onto this list? *Must look up rules again…*

Beat the Backlist Reading Bingo

So, I haven’t even posted about this one yet… With Beat the Backlist, Austine has created TWO different reading bingos. There’s the normal one, and then there’s the EPIC one. Guess which one I want to do! Go on, I bet you’ll never get it. Because I am a glutton for punishment. Buuuuut, I did manage to snag myself a book bingo buddy!! (Everyone say hi to Isabelle!) Annnnd, also let me know if you’re doing either bingo, because the normal one is part of the epic one… (Also, does anyone know if I can use 2019 books for the bingo? Or do they all have to be pre-current year? I can’t find the answer anywhere!)

Beat the Backlist epic bingo in Ravenclaw colours

A-Z Reading Challenge

I’ll be doing a paragraph on this one during each of my monthly wrap-ups, but I think of the 5 books I’ve already read, I’ve covered 4 letters already, so we’re off to a flying start?! (Someone help me out with I, P, X, Y and Z please!! I know, I can’t believe my giant TBR doesn’t have those either…)


Yes, because this one sounded like fun! (Mel why did you have to show me this?!) Anyway, the premise is that it’s a board game, and you roll dice and then read based on the prompt you land on. SIMPLES! Except, I’ve got a whole YEAR to do this one, and of course I’ve marked 3 squares off it already. Because why wouldn’t I start with the one that RUNS OUT FIRST?! But you sign up on the website and there’s challenges on instagram and the board game looks cute and I figured it’s a way to stop me from having a book slump! Cute, huh?! (I’ve also turned all the prompts from the board game into a spreadsheet because I am me…)

Romance-opoly board game with prompts

ABC Book Challenge

I’ve actually cued up the first 5 posts for this one, so I’m less concerned about it. Also, I get to tell you all about all the books that I’ve already read and LOVED but may not have posted about, so YAY!!

2019 Meeghan Reads’ Reading Bingo

This one is my baby, and I worked so hard on it (for like at least 30 mins), but then before I could post about it I (stupidly) decided to sign up for all the other things, so now I’m all “should I do this one or keep it for later?” My original plan was to do 2 different bingos per year, but then I thought “nah, let’s just do 1”, but we’ll do prizes! What do you guys think? (PS: My prizes would be book depository tell me what you want and I’ll send you books up to a certain $ value.)

my bookish bingo

Also… there’s a pdf link below because I don’t know how to convert it to a picture file, but keep the link back to my blog, so… ¯\_()_/¯

meeghan bookish bingo

So there you have it folks… my 800 challenges for the year! (Divided by 100 of course because I NEVER exaggerate…) What do you think I should do? Continue, modify and/or cut back?

Also, are you interested in doing my bookish bingo?! (And do I need to keep the hyperlink?)


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