2019 WRAP-UP!!

Good afternoon bookworms! Ahhh... the dreaded annual wrap-up. I mean, it's not really "dreaded"... it just takes me ages to write and so I procrastinate it forever. Except, this year I was pretty good at keeping my spreadsheets up to date, so *hopefully* this won't be as terrible as my brain is making it out... Continue Reading →

December ’19 wrap up and January TBR

Good morning bookworms! It's time for the final monthly wrap-up for 2019, the December wrap-up! During December I read an excessive amount of books. For me. A grand total of 18 books, which is definitely my highest monthly total for the year!! This mostly had to do with Sam @ Fictionally Sam's Mrs Claus' Readathon,... Continue Reading →

November ’19 wrap up and December TBR

Good morning bookworms! It's time for the November wrap-up! During November I read a very reasonable 10 books. Honestly it feels like that long ago I can barely remember it... but we are almost nearly halfway through December, so I imagine that it did happen! Book Author Series Format Rating (/5) Cover Against the Rules... Continue Reading →

October ’19 wrap up

Good morning bookworms! It's time for the October wrap-up! During October I read 13 books – which is an appropriately spooky number!! I also finally read the remainder of the Bloodlines series, and I think I loved it more than Vampire Academy... I just, love Sydrian so much!! 😍 (Also, I don't know if "Sydrian" is... Continue Reading →

July ’19 wrap up and ARC August

Good morning bookworms! It’s time for the July wrap-up! So, I read 9 books in July, which was great!! The Reading Rush definitely helped as I pushed FOUR books over the line that week. Book Author Series Format Rating (/5) Cover Call It What You Want Brigid Kemmerer Paperback 4.5 Memento Amie Kaufman and Jay […]

June ’19 wrap up

Good morning bookworms! OMG how are we in the second half of 2019 already?! So, I read 6 books in June (well, I DNF'ed 2, so I guess I only read 4?), and I'm trying very hard not to beat myself up for it. which is definitely my smallest monthly count for this year so... Continue Reading →

May ’19 wrap up

Good morning bookworms! Is it just me, or is this year going crazy-fast?! May wrap-up So, I read 7 books in May, which is definitely my smallest monthly count for this year so far. I am still having a crazy fantasy-slump... so I decided to read a lot of enemies-to-lovers contemporary / romance books to... Continue Reading →

April ’19 wrap-up and NO TBR?!

Good morning bookworms! We are one third into the year. Two more of these to go and we'll be seeing 2020. (One more to go and I'll have most of my anticipated reads for this year in my hot little hands!!!!) April wrap-up So, I read 10 books in April, which is mildly significant. (At... Continue Reading →

March ’19 wrap-up and April TBR

Good morning bookworms! We are officially less than 9 months out from 2020. Which is not only insane, but very surreal. This year is going far too quickly!! March wrap-up So, in last month's wrap-up I was laughing it up about having a mid-year slump... and then I had a mini slump. What are the... Continue Reading →

February ’19 wrap-up and March TBR

Good morning bookworms! It's unbelievable to me that it's actually 2019. It's even more unbelievable that we have less than 10 months left of this year. (9 months and 30 days as I write this!) February wrap-up I had a pretty good reading month, despite having to go back to work this month. I am... Continue Reading →

2018 WRAP-UP & 2019 GOALS!!

Good morning bookworms! I have been procrastinating writing this post for about two weeks now... in fact, every time I get close to being ready with it, I discover a new graph I can add to it. However, I need to accept that it will never be perfect (I mean, seriously, what is?) and just... Continue Reading →

December ’18 wrap-up and January TBR

Good morning bookworms! Wow... I can't believe another year is over!! They are certainly going by a lot faster than I recall (I know this is about being older and perception of time, etc. but it's still feeling awfully fast...) December wrap-up During December I read a couple of books, although not as many as... Continue Reading →

Holidays ’18 TBR

Good morning bookworms! I'm on holidays! And I'm in the middle of packing my suitcase for our trip north to see our families! And because we're taking the car, I can pack AS MANY BOOKS AS I WANT because there isn't a luggage weight limit. Also, we'll be gone for almost three weeks, so I'll... Continue Reading →

November ’18 wrap-up and December TBR

Good morning bookworms! It's December!! I can't believe another year is basically over!! November wrap-up During November I completed my Goodreads challenge!! HOORAY!! I read 11 books, and although this was a high number for me, this month was a bit less satisfactory than normal because I had some lower ratings. Book Author Series Format... Continue Reading →


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